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The Older Girl’s Guide to the Girl Scout Cookie Sale

February 8, 2016

Girl Scout Cookies

By Zara M., Girl Scout Girl Board Director, Girl Scout Ambassador

It’s that time of the year again when winter gear comes out of hiding, the first snow flurries fall, and most of all, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale begins. Every year, girls set off on the quest to sell and deliver as many of these sweet treats to family, friends and customers alike. Along with satisfying people with these once-a-year snacks, the program helps girls learn five important life skills: goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Since my first year in Girl Scouts, selling cookies in the New Year has become a tradition for me. My first year selling cookies was a team effort. My parents helped me find customers and learn the skills necessary to be a successful young businesswoman. As I progressed through Girl Scouts, I became more and more independent in my cookie sales. I initiated and coordinated sale trips around the neighborhood with my parents, solicited friends and teachers at school, and became more accountable for money earned during the sale.

While I may no longer be as quite as cute as my younger Girl Scout sisters (who can say no to a Girl Scout Daisy or Brownie selling cookies? Not me!), there are many benefits to being an older girl during the Cookie Sale! We have a wealth of experience under our belt (or our sash!), developed and polished sales tactics and skills, and can tap into a large customer base that has been continually growing for the past 10+ years. Younger Girl Scouts look up to us and we are a role models for them as they become leaders in their communities. So, to all my teen Girl Scouts – wear your sashes proudly, showcase you fantastic business skills, help your fellow Girl Scouts, and ROCK this year’s sale! Let’s continue to be role models and help every Girl Scout succeed!


Mission Delivery: Operation Cookie Drop

January 21, 2016
Reagan and a fellow Girl Scout during last year's Cookie Sale

Reagan and a fellow Girl Scout during last year’s Cookie Sale

By Krista Park, Communications & PR Director

Everything girls do in Girl Scouts is designed to help them become leaders of tomorrow. Honoring leaders of today, like our military personnel, is part of how Girl Scouts can learn about and build their own leadership skills. With these leaders in mind, Girl Scouts collect donations each year when selling Girl Scout Cookies so that they can send a “taste of home” to troops serving miles away from home.

Over the last ten years, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines has donated nearly 800,000 boxes of cookies to our military men and women the Operation Cookie Drop. This program is an important ingredient of our Girl Scout Cookie Sale and is a council-wide community service project for our Girl Scouts.

Delivering a sweet taste of home to deployed military personnel can be as easy a donation jar for spare change and creating fun posters talking about Operation Cookie Drop for cookie booths. Another great tip comes from Girl Scout Reagan H. of Albertson:

“I create a letter each year to send to family, friends and local businesses. In the letter, I explain the Operation Cookie Drop program and talk about my sales goals. I usually include a picture of myself from a past cookie booth. I love the Operation Cookie Drop program because it provides a way for me to support our local military heroes.”

During the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, Reagan collected enough donations to contribute 569 boxes of cookies to Operation Cookie Drop. Yay, Reagan! With Operation Cookie Drop, girls Like Reagan learn the importance of giving back to their community and—in some small way—thank our military personnel.

Donating to Operation Cookies Drop is a Win-Win! Not only do you support our military, but your donation contributes to a Girl Scout’s overall sale proceeds. This is also a great way for customers with dietary restrictions to support Girl Scouts in their neighborhoods. If you can’t eat ‘em, treat ‘em!

So this year, be sure to support Operation Cookie Drop and say “Thank You” to all who serve.

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