Swing with the Sloths for the 2020 Fall Product Program

One of the best parts about starting the new Girl Scout Program year is beginning the Fall Product Program! The Fall Product Program is our annual nuts, candy, and magazine sale that allows girls to earn some startup funds for their troop. Participating is so easy- parents can simply register their girl on their own for girls to start selling.

Families can participate however they feel most comfortable. Girls can sell online by sending emails to their friends and family or in person if they please. The Fall Product Program is a great way for girls to practice their entrepreneurial skills before the Girl Scout Cookie Program kicks off in January!

Here is everything to know for this year!

Our Mascot

This year’s fall product program is the adorable two-toed sloth! Did you know that all sloths have the same number of toes, or claws on their feet? The difference is actually the claws on their hands, so maybe we should call them the two-fingered sloths. Learn more about the sloths and how they can help you sell your products.

Important Dates

Make sure you mark your calendar with these important dates to stay on top of everything you you need to know for this year’s sale.

  • October 1: Fall Product Program begins
  • October 23: Face-to-face (or should we say mask-to-mask) sale end but online orders can continue
  • November 8: Fall Product Program ends
  • November 12-14: Product orders arrive

M2 Media and Trophy Nut

In order to participate in the Fall Product Program, girls need to sign up through the M2 Media Portal. Once signed up girls will have access to her own virtual store where she can create her own avatar and begin sales. Additionally, girls will be able to provide nutrition information to their customers through the Trophy Nut website.


Fall program rallies are a great way for troops and service units to kick off their sales. The rallies should educate girls on the product program, motivate girls to set goals, and help girls and their families understand how to sell safely. This year, we are strongly recommending virtual rallies to generate excitement while staying safe. To make sure any rallies being held are safe and meeting state and local social distancing mandates please submit a rally plan prior to September.


Troops automatically earn 10% of all the proceeds from sales or can select to receive 15% instead of earning recognitions. This year’s recognitions include a tassel string light, a stuffed sloth, fun fuzzy sloth socks, and more! Additionally, girls can earn a variety of sale patches when they meet varies sales goals.

Treats for Troops

Our council-wide service project, Treats for Troops is back! Girls have the opportunity to collect donations to send nuts and candy to local military organizations to provide them with a taste of home. Additionally, any girl with five or more Treat for Troops orders will earn a special patch.

Learn more about the 2020 Fall Product Program and how it helps girls build their business skills on our website!

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