2020 Cookie Program Glossary

The 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program starts this Saturday, and we can’t wait to see all that girls accomplish as they become Cookie CEOs. This year, our theme is Chase Your Adventures! and the mascot is the red fox. With opportunities for Girl Scouts to develop entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills while earning proceeds to fund their Girl Scout adventures, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is about so much more than what is in the box, and Girl Scouts are sure to do big things this year! Cookie season will take place January 11 – March 1 2020.

New to the cookie program, or just need a brush-up on all the fun in store? We are here to help! Check out our glossary of important cookie terms below!

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2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program Glossary

5 Skills

The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides an important ingredient for leadership
by helping girls develop five key skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money
Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

ABC Bakers

ABC Bakers is the company that produces all of our delicious cookies! In other parts of the country, they use a different baker called Little Brownie Bakers, which is why Girl Scout Cookies have different names in different places.

Buy 5 Program

The Buy 5 program gives customers the opportunity to win a year’s worth (60 boxes) of Girl Scout cookies. When customers buy at least 5 boxes of cookies at once, Girl Scouts should give them one of their Buy 5 coupons (which are given to each troop) and customers can use their coupon to enter into the raffle. Learn more

Cookie Booths

Girl Scout troops hold cookie booths at popular locations in their community to sell their cookies. Learn more

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is part of our Superstar Destinations program (see below) and allows girls to choose a council gift card as one of their cookie-selling rewards. Gift cards can be used for resident Girl Scout camp, purchases at council shops, and other council-sponsored activities and events. Learn more

Cookie Entrepreneur Family

New this year is the Cookie Entrepreneurship family pin collection. Families can work together on activities to guide their Girl Scout in her cookie business and earn unique pins based on grade level. Learn more


Our CookieGram has everything you need to know about the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program, including important dates, rewards and recognitions, and more. Check it out

Cookie Pro

Cookie Pro is an annual contest for girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program across the nation. When the contest opens on February 1, all girls have to do is highlight their cookie smarts by answering questions on our website. The grand prize? A trip to G.I.R.L. 2020 in Orlando!

Golden Tickets

Golden tickets are presented to Girl Scout troops holding all star cookie booths! They are given out by GSNCCP staff members that stop by booths and see that they have met all of the Golden Ticket requirements. The tickets enter the troop into a drawing for a cash prize to use however they like!

High Achievers Club

Girl Scouts that have sold 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies or more join the High Achievers Club! Members receive an engraved plaque, special cookie business cards, and a personalized letter of recommendation from our very own CEO, Lisa Jones. Learn more

Operation Cookie Drop

Operation Cookie Drop is a community service project that brings the sweet taste of home to the military men and women serving our country. Girl Scouts collect donations throughout the sale to purchase the boxes of cookies to be delivered at military bases throughout the state. Learn more

Product Sales Permission Form

Before participating in the program, a Girl Scout’s parent or guardian must fill out the Product Sales Permission form. A notice will then be sent to the Girl Scout’s troop co-leaders to let them know she is ready to go!

Recognitions and Patches

Recognitions and patches can be earned by Girl Scouts based on their individual and cookie booth sales. The more boxes a Girl Scout sells, the more she is eligible for! Check out all the awesome recognitions and patches in the CookieGram!

Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies is a digital platform for Girl Scouts to set goals, sell cookies online, track orders, and more. Using Smart Cookies, Girl Scouts can easily accept credit card payments and ship cookies to their customers! Learn more

Superstar Destinations

Superstar Destinations is a recognitions program available girls who sell 500 boxes of cookies or more. Girls can earn points to select from awesome rewards like trips to amusement parks, laptop computers, gift cards, and more. Learn more

Troop Proceeds

Revenue generated by the Cookie Program goes directly to troops or is designated for program opportunities that directly support girls and/or adult members in our council. Troop proceeds go directly to the troop.

Walkabout Week

Walkabout Week takes place the first week of the cookie sale before cookie booths have started. It is called Walkabout Week because it is typically the week that Girl Scouts sell cookies throughout their neighborhoods.

Know of another cookie term that we left out? Leave it in the comments below!

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