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5 Ways to Make Summer Camp Affordable

March 21, 2016



By Kristi Doebler, Camp Director, Camp Hardee

We all love  going to camp every summer, but sometimes the cost of camp can be hard for a family to cover. There are a few different ways that our Council can help to get a girl to camp, and a few that she and her family can do as well.

1. Get your Early Bird Discount! Save $25 on your camp registration fees simply by registering early! March 31st is the last day to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing. After that, you’ll need to pay full price.

2. Apply for a Campership! A what? Scholarships + Camp = Camperships. We have financial assistance available for any currently register Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines member to apply to our summer camp programming. To apply for financial aid, first register for camp, pay the $75 deposit, and then submit the form. Applications are due on April 1st. Each girl may apply for financial aid for one session, up to $200.

3. Use that Cookie Dough! Cookie Dough earned during the Girl Scout Cookie Sale program may be applied to resident camp sessions, special summer events, trading posts, day camps, and Council sponsored events. The easiest way to apply your Cookie Dough towards these activities is to choose the Camp option on the Superstar Destinations Survey.

4. Work for it! Girls, you can take ownership of your camp experience by helping to contribute to your fees. With your parents’ permission, you can talk with your family, friends, and neighbors to see if there is anything you can help them with to earn some money. Some ideas include walking your neighbor’s dog after school, babysitting for your aunt, or helping a friend’s family clean up their yard.

5. Ask for camp as a gift! When you are making your wish list for birthdays and holidays, add camp to that list. While that toy or game is fun for a few months, your memories for camp will last a lifetime.

We believe camp is for all girls, which is why our team is committed to helping your girl experience the wonders and magic of a summer camp experience. Have questions? Contact us at We can’t wait to see you this summer, it’s going to be a blast!

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6 Ways to Get Outside

March 7, 2016

Get Outside with Girl Scouts!

By Nephitearya “Clove” Bailey, Camp Director, Camp Graham

When we think of being in the “great” out-of-doors, the first things that come to mind are camping and long nature hikes. With the hustle and bustle of school, work, family and extra-curricular commitments during the week, many families reserve outdoor activities for the weekend. However, no matter the day or season, there are simple ways to get your family outside and enjoying nature. In honor of Get Outside, part of our Girl Scout Spirit Week, here are 6 simple ideas to help get you going:

Eat Outside

Have a picnic dinner local park or even in your own backyard. As you eat, take notice of the sights and sounds around you.

Go on an Adventure

Create a treasure hunt or neighborhood scavenger hunt. Bury an object somewhere in your yard and create a map to follow or create clues to lead you on a journey around the neighborhood.


Spread a blanket in your yard and look at the moon, stars and the night sky or take a night walk around your neighborhood. Flashlights or glow sticks can make an ordinary stroll extraordinary!

Get Artsy

Make nature crafts or outdoor art. From sidewalk chalk drawings to building a fairy house out of materials found in your yard, or creating stick figures (instructions below) there are tons of outdoor craft ideas.

Stick Figure Instructions:

  1. Clean a fallen branch or stick and remove any loose bark.
  2. Give your stick a base coat of white acrylic paint.
  3. When dry, paint your creature. You can even add yarn to give it hair or a tail!

Get Dirty

Do some outdoor service in your neighborhood or a local park. You can pick up trash or plant wildflowers or bulbs in a common area. You can also do some beautification in your own yard planting flowers, pulling weeds or planting a small vegetable garden.

Play Outside

Construct a loose parts free play area in your yard using materials such as hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, puppets, sidewalk chalk, cardboard boxes, clay, pots/pans/plastic containers, water hose, bug boxes, tarps, gardening tool, sticks, rocks- anything that can be moved!

Being in the out-of-doors does not mean you have to be in the woods. Just about anything you normally do indoors, can be taken outside. Challenge yourself to get you and your family outside experiencing nature at least once per week. Whatever you choose to do, just go outside!

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