5 Reasons to Work at Camp this Summer

Looking for an incredible way to spend your summer, making a difference in the lives of girls while building new skills and creating awesome memories? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Each summer, we hire a variety of adventurous, responsible, and empathetic individuals to work at our summer camps. There are a variety of positions available, such as counselors, nurses, cooks, lifeguards, and more.

Summer camp staff members must be at least 18 or have graduated high school and are responsible for planning all the awesome activities for campers while making sure they stay safe! Do you love the water? Become a lifeguard and spend your days at the pool or lake! Are you an awesome chef? Teach the girls to cook their own meal over a fire! All of this while having the time of your life!

Spending a summer as a Girl Scout camp staff member provides women with the opportunity to boost their professional resume and have the best, most rewarding summer ever! Check out our top 5 reasons to work at camp below.

1. Cross-Cultural Communication

Did you know that camp staff come not only from North Carolina but from all over the world? In today’s ever connected growing community, being able to communicate with people from other countries and cultures is especially valued by employers. Listing cross-cultural communication skills on your resume can set you apart in the future. Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome to have friends to visit in other countries!


2. Interview Material

Common interview questions for jobs, internships, and even college scholarships include “tell me about a time you worked in a team” and “tell me about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it”. Nothing will prepare you for these questions like a summer at camp. Tell the interviewer about the time you were supposed to take girls swimming and a storm came in. They were disappointed but you faced the challenge head on and turned the day into the best one yet with your rainy-day games!

DSCF2941 (2)

3. Being Her Role Model

Nothing can prepare you for the moment when a camper tells you that you’re her favorite counselor, or to get that letter two weeks after a session from a camper telling you how much she misses you. While you work to help build her courage, confidence, and character she willing be doing the same to you, helping you grow to be your best self as well!

Role Model.jpeg

4. Life-long Friendships

From the moment you step onto camp for staff training you will begin building some of the greatest friendships of your life. Spending all summer unplugged with a fantastic team of like-minded women will create friendships that are deeper than you could ever imagine. These friendships will continue throughout your life, always reminding you of the joys of camp!


5. The Best Summer Ever

Overall, a summer vacation can happen anytime but being able to spend a whole summer at camp can’t. Not only will your experience on camp staff provide you real world experience to set you apart in the job market but you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime. What are you waiting for, apply for the best summer of your life now! Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Learn more about all of our camp staff opportunities and apply today by visiting our Careers Page!

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