5 Must Read Studies by the Girl Scout Research Institute

Girl Scouts has been committed to providing girls with the support and resources they need to pursue their goals for over 100 years- and we understand that as the world changes, girls do too! In order to continue to meet the needs of today’s G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader), we developed the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) to study girls and their development and the impact of the Girl Scout Leadership Program. The GSRI delivers customer-centric, data-driven insights across the Girl Scout Movement and beyond to help us to continue to build girls of courage, confidence, and character that make the world a better place.

Check out the 5 most recent studies done by the GSRI below!


1. Decoding the Digital Girl: Supporting and Defining Girls’ Digital Leadership (2019) View here

With the demand for tech talent growing in the workforce, navigating the digital world is becoming more important than ever. This study details how girls are using their digital experiences to improve their lives, their communities, and the world, which could lead them to a successful career in STEM.  Fun finding: Girls are as likely as boys to be digital leaders!

Digital girl

2. Four Ways Girl Scouts Builds Girl Leaders in the Outdoors (2019) View here

Outdoor experiences has been a cornerstone of Girl Scouting since our founding in 1912. Through our programs, we aim to provide girls with the opportunity to explore and strengthen their outdoor skills and commitment to environmental stewardship. Check out this study to learn the four different ways Girl Scouts benefit from outdoor programming.


3. From Girl Scout Camp to Real-World Champ! (2019) View here

This study dives into how girls are affected by outdoor experiences that take place specifically at Girl Scout camp! Camp provides girls with a safe space to escape their daily lives and just have fun- while making friends and memories to last a lifetime. This study shows just how important that is, and a key finding was that Girl Scout camp helps girls develop important life skills and positive characteristics.


4. Four Ways Girl Scouts Builds Girl Leaders in STEM (2017) View here

Girl Scouting allows girls to explore the world of STEM outside the classroom through fun and engaging no-pressure activities! They lead their own adventures, team up with others, and discover talents and passions by taking healthy risks in an all-girl environment. Check this report out for the four important ways girls benefit from Girl Scout STEM programs.


5. The Girl Scout Impact Study (2017) View here

This in-depth study put together all of the pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership Program to assess the impact of the program on girls, and how they compare in different areas compared to non-Girl Scouts. The results found that Girl Scouts have a stronger sense of self, have positive values, seek challenges, and more! If you needed any reason to join Girl Scouts, this study will provide plenty!


The GSRI has conducted nearly 40 studies on girls and the impact of the Girl Scout Leadership Program in a variety of areas from social media to the Girl Scout Gold Award. Check them all out here

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