These Girl Scout Troops Are Changing the World

Just as we’re encouraged by the Girl Scout Law, when we start with being a sister to EVERY Girl Scout, we can change the world. That’s the mantra of Girl Scouts Give, a new fundraising campaign and patch program that was launched in August. Through the campaign, Girl Scouts and troops pledge to give back to Girl Scouts so that other girls have the same opportunities that they do.

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It’s no secret that Girl Scouts go above and beyond. And in the first half of the 2019-2020 Girl Scouts Give Program, 67 Girl Scout troops have done just that. They’ve committed to making sure all girls have a chance to not only be Girl Scouts, but to do all of the things that make them Girl Scouts. This will help change the world, and they’re making it happen.

The $7,500+ already pledged is enough to make an impact like:

  • funding a Girl Scout membership for 300 girls, or
  • helping to send 50 girls to summer camp, or
  • providing opportunities for 150 girls to participate in an event, trip or project.


With so many organizations they could support, why choose to be a sister to every Girl Scout through Girl Scouts Give?

  • A Girl Scout troop in Hoke County is so excited to help girls get the same experience.
  • Girl Scout Troop #1216 would like other girls and troops to have experiences such as our Durham Hope for the Holidays when buying holiday gifts for families in need.
  • Samantha, a Wake County Girl Scout said, “I hope this can help some girls join Girl Scouts and they enjoy it as much as I do!”
  • Daisy Girl Scout Troop #1937 is working on the Girl Scouts Give program in different stages as they work through the Law with the girls. In December, they made a “pledgemeter” and the girls signed around it. They also made “piggy banks” out of reusable containers, as part of our Use Resources Wisely, and last but not least, they’ve made some “chores list” that the girls will take responsibility for at home as a way to earn some money to donate to the program (Responsible for What I Say and Do).
  • The Girl Scouts Give Patch Program discussion about different counties was eye-opening for Girl Scout Troop #779 in Wake County.
  • Proud Dad of an Orange County Volunteer: “Proud of our daughter Lauren who volunteers so much of her time to Girl Scouts!”

How are they doing it?

  • Daisy Georgia earned $5 doing household chores to raise money for Girl Scouts. Her earnings were matched by her parents.
  • Girl Scout Troop #1555 donated $100 using cookie proceeds!
  • Marsha, a volunteer in Brunswick has committed $10 for each Brunswick County Girl Scout troop that turns in their pledge to support Girl Scouts Give.
  • The girls in Girl Scout Troop #4582 did extra chores at home to raise these funds for others!
  • Proceeds from Girl Scout Troop #1872’s Fall Field Day Bake Sale will be donated.
  • Shannon, a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Durham, encouraged others to give in her honor for her birthday


What can you do?

  • Girl Scout Troops! As you put the finishing touches on your cookie program plans, have you decided how you’ll use your cookie dough to help make a difference? Look no further than Girl Scouts Give! Make a pledge by February 15th to be entered into a drawing for exclusive Girl Scouts Give retail and program rewards (no money due until 4/1/20).
  • Parents, Families, Friends, Volunteers! You can help change the world, too! For as little as $10/month, you can be a Girl Scout Sustainer. Visit your Area’s Girl Scouts Give fundraising page to set up your recurring gift.
  • Learn more about ways to be a sister to every Girl Scout, how to be a philanthropist, why donating to Girl Scouts is important, and how to use things you’re doing every day to create good by visiting Girl Scouts Give on our website.


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