Introducing Girl Scouts Give!



“…and to be a sister to every Girl Scout.”

It’s a line you’ve recited a million times, right?

But, what does it mean? Why does it matter? And how do you practice it every day?

To our council, being a sister to every Girl Scout means we embrace inclusivity and we tear down barriers to a girl’s participation in our life-changing leadership programs. We believe Girl Scouting is for every girl, regardless of her background, her circumstances, or her family’s financial situation.

Being a sister to every Girl Scout matters to us because nearly 75% of our 41-county service area is designated as economically distressed. Girl Scouting in these communities is essential to provide a stable outlet for girls to grow, lead, and thrive. Furthermore, studies prove the benefits of girl-led leadership opportunities are greater for girls of lower-socioeconomic status.

One of the ways we practice being a sister to every Girl Scout is by providing financial assistance and alternative program delivery so that every girl can BE a Girl Scout and do all of the things that MAKE her a Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts Give was designed to help girls and troops do just that! Through this new fundraising campaign and patch program, girls at every grade level will learn more about ways to be a sister to every Girl Scout, all the different ways to be a philanthropist, why donating to Girl Scouts is important, and how to use things they’re doing every day to create good.

And now you can practice being a sister to every Girl Scout, too.

  • Learn more about the fundraising campaign and patch program on our website.
  • Complete your troop’s pledge to make a difference for a local girl today. As a bonus, pledge by September 30th to earn retail rewards dollars!
  • Mark your calendar for the other blogs in this series
    • 11/4/19: Begin the Conversation about Philanthropy with Your Troop,
    • 12/9/19: “Girl Scouts Give so all girls can …”
    • 1/13/20: Meet some of the troops who are participating .

girl scouts give

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