Girl Scouts Give so All Girls Can…

While a Girl Scout’s experience starts when she becomes a member, ask her what she loved about Girl Scouts five, ten, fifty years from now and it’s likely to be something she learned, somewhere she went, or someone she met. It’s not just about BEING a Girl Scout — it’s all the things that MAKE her a Girl Scout.

We believe Girl Scouting is for every girl, regardless of her background, her circumstances, or her family’s financial situation. We embrace inclusivity and break down barriers to a girl’s participation in our life-changing leadership programs by providing financial assistance and alternative program delivery.

Girl Scouts Give helps to make that happen. Girl Scouts Give so all girls can …

Girl Scouts Give is a new fundraising campaign where girls learn what it means to be a philanthropist, unite with other girls across our 41 counties, and use things they’re doing every day to create good. We encourage girls to think about why they love being a Girl Scout and why they are choosing to donate to Girl Scouts so that other girls can participate as well.

What’s your why? Why do you love Girl Scouts? Why do you give your time, talent, and/or treasure to the Girl Scout Movement? Why do you believe every girl should have a chance to BOTH be a Girl Scout and to do all of the amazing things that make her a Girl Scout? Print your own Girl Scouts Give so all girls can sign, take a picture, and share with us on Facebook or by email.

Learn more about ways to be a sister to every Girl Scout, how to be a philanthropist, why donating to Girl Scouts is important, and how to use things you’re doing every day to create good by visiting Girl Scouts Give on our website. Also, check out and mark your calendar for the other blogs in this series:

9/23/19: Introducing Girl Scouts Give

11/4/19: We almost called it PhilanTROOPic

1/13/20: Meet troops participating in Girl Scouts Give

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