Setting Goals with Your Troop This Year

This is the first week of the 2019-20 Girl Scout Program Year, and we are so excited for everything in store! This year, girls have so many incredible opportunities available to them through council activities, troop meetings, camp, and so much more. There is something for every G.I.R.L. and the possibilities are endless for what they can achieve!

One of the best ways to accomplish everything that your troop would like to do this year is to set goals! No matter how big or small, goal setting is an amazing skill for girls to learn through Girl Scouts as it will set them up for a lifetime of success. Check out this awesome article by GSUSA on guiding girls in goal setting and see below for some examples of goals your troop can set for this year!

1.Earn at least one of our new badges

Our 42 new badges and Journeys give Girl Scouts of all ages the opportunity to explore cybersecurity, outdoor adventure, space science, and coding! Talk with your girls about which interests them the most and have them plan the activities they work on to earn their badge.


2. Embark on an outdoor adventure

Girl Scouts love to get outdoors, and planning a camping trip or hike with your troop is an awesome way for them to learn about nature and develop environmental stewardship! Girls can set goals like learning to start a fire, pitching a tent, and more.


3. Visit a place no one has been before

Oh, the places she’ll go! Ask your girls about places near or far that they would like to travel to and then have them start planning how they can get there. We have multiple Council Patch Programs that encourage girls to explore North Carolina. Check them out for some inspiration!


4. Complete a service project to help others

Making the world a better place is part of the Girl Scout mission, and a great way to show your girls that they can make a difference is through a service project. Have them pick out a cause that is important to them and plan how they will make an impact.

20181027_092107 small

5. Attend a council event together

This year, we have many different council events planned that involve STEM, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, and the outdoors. Have your girls vote on an event that they would all like to attend together. Check out our Activity Guide here!


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