Girl Scout Camp Spotlight: Camp Hardee

March 1, 2017


By: Kristi Doebler, Camp Director at Camp Hardee

From sailing to archery to swimming and so much more, we can hardly wait for all the fun adventures we’ll have this summer at Girl Scout camp! This week, we’re going to learn all about Camp Hardee and what makes property so special.

Located southeast of Washington, NC on the south side of the Pamlico River, Camp Hardee consists of 95 acres with river frontage, woodlands, and open space. Camp Hardee offers modern comforts while providing a genuine camp experience with 10 multi colored cabins, bunk beds, and a HVAC system, as well as an encampment field for tent camping. What makes Camp Hardee truly special is its beautiful views of the Pamlico River — on a clear day, you can see the dolphins jumping!

Camp Director Kristi Doebler was excited to share with us all the things she loves about Camp Hardee in our Q&A.

1. What kind of outdoor activities can you do at Camp Hardee?

Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, hiking, archery, nature exploration, outdoor cooking, and field games. There’s truly something for everyone here!

2. What makes Camp Hardee unique?

Camp Hardee is on the Pamlico River, which gives us an amazing waterfront playground and epic sunrises and sunsets. Every now and then, dolphins swim by and we stop what we are doing to watch them. (Basically Camp Hardee has pet dolphins J ). Also, because we have the smallest capacity of all of our camps, we have a family-like atmosphere, where all of our girls get a chance to connect with each other and all of our staff.

3. What’s your favorite thing about Camp Hardee?

My favorite thing about Camp Hardee is watching the sunset. My favorite thing about all  our programs is seeing growth in our girls – trying new things, developing independence, stretching their comfort zones, and becoming outstanding young women.

4. What’s your funniest memory at camp?

My funniest memory at camp is the dramatic reenactment of the camp song ‘Running Bear’. Also, the amazing skits and songs girls come up with for campfire always have me laughing.

Ready to experience the great outdoors at Camp Hardee? Join us for our free open house event on March 12 to tour the camp property and meet our camp staff! We can’t wait to see you there!


Commemorative Celebrations – March

February 27, 2017


By: Tara Rappleye, Program Director

Spring is coming and with that means warm weather and more fun commemorative celebrations. March is jammed packed with activities to participate in, from learning more about women’s history to attending a STEM event, no matter what you choose to celebrate, get together with your troop and let the fun begin!

Women’s History Month
As an organization focused on building females of courage, confidence, and character, it is important to remember the history of courageous women before us. Today, Girl Scouts experience rich, engaging opportunities because of the trailblazing women before them. Be sure to celebrate Women’s History Month, and all the amazing Girl Scouts who came before, by participating in one of the activities below:

  • Juliette Gordon Low- are you aware of the impact Juliette Gordon Low made on women’s history? Go through this sheet of facts to see how well you know our founder.
  • Watch a Movie- Hollywood has created numerous movies highlighting important moment’s in women’s history. Watch one of these movies below as a troop and discuss the impact the story had women’s history.
    • A League of Their Own
    • Hidden Figures
    • Norma Rae
    • The Rosa Parks Story

National Take a Walk in a Park Day
A foundational and traditional part of Girl Scouts is exploring the outdoors. Many Girl Scouts find their love of the outdoors through camping, canoeing, and hiking with their troops. A simple way you can explore the outdoors is by taking a walk. As a troop or family explore the outdoors, by participating in National Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30.

  • Take a Walk- celebrating this day is super easy, you just need to grab a pair of shoes (maybe a jacket if it’s chilly), a friend or family member, and head outside. Walk around your favorite local park or perhaps you can explore a new park. Did you know North Carolina is home to 29 beautiful State Parks? Take advantage and appreciate the natural beauty all around us!

National STEM Month
Through Girl Scouts’ STEM programming and initiatives, girls develop confidence in their skills and abilities. Our STEM programming creates the next generation of zoologists, scientists, and engineers. Girl Scouts can experience STEM in many ways through Girl Scouts, check out a few ways below:

  • Badges- Girl Scouts have many STEM related badges to choose from to enhance their STEM skills and knowledge. Those interested in biology should check out the Animal badges. Girl Scouts who love learning how computers work will enjoy earning one of the Science and Technology badges. Add in a few STEM badge activities to your troop meeting this month and earn a badge!
  • Spring STEM Programs- we’ve got a full line of STEM programs this spring. Interested in robotics? Check out the LEGO Robotics or Can-Do Robotics events. Want to explore a science museum? Then attend the Becoming a Naturalist Event at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Looking for something else? We’ve got a wide-range of STEM activities waiting just for your girl!

National Nutrition Month
Having a balanced diet is part of living a healthy lifestyle. There are many small ways you can practice good nutrition as a troop. Try out one of these ways below:

  • Make Every Step Count Patch Program- this past summer the Make Every Step Count patch program was updated to include new activities for Girl Scouts for all ages. In this patch program you learn, not just about physical wellness, but about nutrition too. The patch program can be geared towards girls based on grade level including programs for girls K-5 and 6-12.
  • Troop Meeting Snacks- sometimes it is easier to bring a box of cookies to a troop meeting rather than cut up fruits and veggies. Be intentional with your troop meeting snacks this month and provide healthy, yummy options. A few easy options include: cut up fruit, yogurt parfaits, smoothies, popcorn, (etc.)
  • Cook Legacy Badges- earn a badge while also learning about nutrition. While working on your Cook legacy badge, add a healthy twist. As Brownies, you can focus on snacks with good nutrition. Cadettes can try new healthy cuisines.

There’s so many awesome activities to choose from to commemorate our March celebrations! Stay tuned for our April lineup!

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