Adding It Up: Ways Girls Learn and Earn During the Cookie Program

December 19, 2016


By: Ga Ming West, Marketing Coordinator

Did you know that 85% of girls who participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program developed money management skills? The Cookie Program is a special opportunity for girls to learn important life and financial literacy skills that help them become successful adults and leaders! Girls get to have real-world experience learning five valuable life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – all in an environment suited to ensure the skills learned are integrated into their everyday lives! As part of the program, we have Cookie Business badges for every grade level to acknowledge each new skill girls learn as they earn cookie proceeds while having tons of fun with their friends!

Daisy Badges

daisyCount It Up

Earn this leaf by learning how your cookie money adds up. What does your troop make with each box of cookies sold and how does this money add up to help your troop achieve their sales goal?

Talk It Up

This leaf is earned by talking and deciding with your troop just how your troops’ cookie proceeds will be used.

Brownie Badges


Meet My Customers

Girls learn all about how to find, interact, and retain cookie customers. From role-playing, good customer relations, to handling money and making change, this is a great way for girls to enhance selling skills and build confidence.

Give Back

Girls learn how money and businesses can help others including practicing giving back to the local community and explaining to customers how their purchases help fund troop service projects and Operation Cookie Drop.

Junior Badges


Customer Insights

Girls conduct market and customer research by finding out who buys cookies and gaining greater understanding of their cookie customers.

 Cookie CEO

Girls earn this badge by exploring and mastering the details of running their very own Girl Scout Cookie business. As an entrepreneur and CEO, girls will learn how to set a group goal, explore how businesses work, practice listening skills, and track sales.

Cadette Badges


Business Plan

Take your Cookie Business to the next level by learning to create a business plan. Earning this badge gives girls the opportunity to write a mission statement, develop a business plan, complete a risk management assessment and learn how to leverage this knowledge to increase their cookie customer base.


Every business needs a solid brand identity and marketing plan. Girls earning this badge will learn more about branding, complete a competitor research and analysis assessment, develop a marketing message, and create a marketing campaign to help reach more customers and achieve cookie goals.

Think Big

Girls are encouraged to dream big for their cookie business while earning this badge. Girls will learn how to take their business to the next level by implementing innovative selling strategies and marketing messages to help increase their box-per-girl average and find new customers in unexpected places.

Senior Badges


My Portfolio

Participating in the largest girl-led business in the world means girls have lots of experience and skills to aid their professional future and goals. Girls earning this badge will build their cookie resume and portfolio, develop a personal brand, and master interview skills.

Customer Loyalty

Businesses are always thinking of new ways to keep and engage their current and past customers. A girl’s cookie business is no different! Earning this badge will help girls communicate with customers about how proceeds fund exciting new opportunities and provide need-to-know skills about customer service and building relationships.

Ambassador Badges


Research and Development

Use data to grow cookie sales! Girls earning this badge will analyze sale trends, research how companies innovate, and leverage research and development to keep their business moving forward.

Profit and Loss/Promise and Law

Having good business ethics is what helps businesses become and stay successful. Girls earning this badge will develop their business mission statement and promise, work with younger Girl Scouts to share selling tips and tricks, and determine what legacy they will leave as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program promises to be full of fun learning experiences, and we want you to be a part of the adventure! If you haven’t already, make sure you renew your membership and get excited for the most delicious time of the year!




Invest in Girls. Change the World

December 12, 2016


By: Cindy Sortisio, Volunteer and Donor

Did you know that Girl Scouts have the ability to change the world?

I joined Junior Girl Scouts in 1974, thanks to my best friend, Kelly, and her wonderful troop leader, Mrs. Simone, who always made room for one more girl. That attitude was lucky for me, because I was about the 40th girl in the troop!

From that first meeting, I was hooked. Every week, there was something exciting and fun: cake decorating with real pastry bags, weaving on a cardboard loom, camping, learning how to build a campfire, selling cookies (75 cents per box, as I recall). The opportunities and adventures got bigger with each passing year: a bus trip to Toronto, Canada, advanced primitive camping skills at summer camp, a three week journey called Wyoming Trek to National Center West.

As an adult, I could not wait to extend a hand to girls and show them the wonderful world of Girl Scouting. While a student at the University of Virginia, I started a Campus Girl Scouts group and led a Junior troop. After graduating, I moved on to graduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the first call I made was to the local Girl Scout office to find a troop. (My classmates used to joke that graduate school was just another one of my extracurricular activities.) Now, in addition to leading a troop, I enjoy opportunities to mentor and teach new volunteers, organize events, and serve on various committees.

I invest a tremendous amount of time in Girl Scouting, because it is so much fun for me and because it has a tremendous impact on girls. There is no better place for young women to explore their world and themselves, to forge deep connections with each other and with caring adults, and to develop their abilities to lead.

I also invest financially in Girl Scouting. It is not enough to me to simply invest my time and energy. Contributing dollars is a concrete demonstration of the value I place on the organization’s mission. It is so important that those of us who care enough to volunteer and/or enroll our girls in the program are willing to donate to this organization we value so much. I am a big believer that we get what we pay for and we get out of things what we put into them.

We simply must invest in our girls. We must invest in our girls so that they can continue to make progress in taking their full place in the world, in STEM fields, in government, in higher education, in Fortune 500 companies, in leadership positions of all kinds. Girls do not become leaders until they see themselves as capable of leading. And girls do not see themselves as capable of leading until they have real experiences in which they take risks, learn new things, and discover that they can. When they learn to prepare a meal at a homeless shelter, organize a food drive for hurricane relief efforts, snowboard, program a robot, or lead camp songs for younger Girl Scouts, they are developing a sense of possibility and capability that will carry them far into the future. When we invest in Girl Scouts, we are investing in our own futures and the futures of our communities.

Join Cindy and the hundreds of others who invest in girls through financial contributions to our Girl Scout programing. Visit www.investingirlsNC.org to make your gift today. Thank you.


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