Commemorative Celebrations: December

November 28, 2016


By: Tara Rappleye, Program Director

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is full of so many wonderful holidays to celebrate and there are also other commemorative days to recognize as well! This month our featured commemorative celebrations include bit of history tied to North Carolina and Girl Scouts, an extra sweet day to enjoy with your troop, and the opportunity to learn more about human rights and bring awareness of the day. Make sure to take time to celebrate these days during the holiday season!

Wright Brothers Day

On December 17, 1903 the Wright Brothers became the first to fly in our very own state of North Carolina. The Wright Brothers built a plane that flew for around 12 seconds near Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks. You can celebrate this great North Carolina accomplishment and learn more about the history of flying on December 17.

  • Female Aviators- Take time this month to learn more about many of the impressive female aviators in history. In a time that women weren’t given the opportunity to be as adventurous, many female aviators defied the norms and took to the sky. A few female aviators you may want to research are Amelia Earhart and Tiny Broadwick (born in Granville County).
  • Paper Plane Contest- Now perhaps your troop isn’t ready to take on flying a plane, but that doesn’t mean they can’t build one! Grab a ream of paper and get folding, it’s time for a paper plane contest. See whose plane can sail the furthest. Not sure how to start folding- check out this link!

National Brownie Day

The rest of the nation may be celebrating the brownie dessert on December 8th, but we are Girl Scouts and the term Brownie means something a bit different to us! Whether you are Girl Scout Brownie or not you can still participate in National Brownie Day.

  • Brownie- Girl Scout Way Badge- For those who are Girl Scout Brownies, this is a great day to work on your Brownie- Girl Scout Way badge. Dive deeper into the sisterhood of Girl Scout Brownies and learn about our traditions and values. Explore the story of where the term Brownie came from in Girl Scouts and celebrate being a Girl Scout Brownie!
  • Brownie Bar- It wouldn’t be right to not celebrate National Brownie Day without eating the dessert! Set up a brownie bar for your troop. Get a bunch of toppings, like ice cream, fudge and sprinkles and then bake a pan of brownies. Let your troop get creative and make their own brownie creation.

Human Rights Day

Multiple lines in the Girl Scout Law relate to being kind to others. The foundation of our organization is built on supporting, respecting, and loving others so Human Rights Day on December 10 is the perfect time to celebrate each other and talk about human rights with your troop. To start the conversation about human rights try one of these activities with your troop:

  • Make a World Wish Dove- Print off this dove template and have each member of your troop write down their wishes for the world. It can be whatever they want or are aware of. After everyone has written down their wish, decorate the doves and talk about what each girl wrote. Each dove represents a beautiful hope for a better world.
  • Human Rights education- For a list of other activities that educate children about Human Rights check out this blog.

National Wear Pearls Day

Our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, paid for everything when she was starting the Girl Scouts. She used all her money to pay for badges, uniforms, supplies, and even office staff. When her money was running low Juliette sold her beautiful pearl necklace to help pay for Girl Scouts to continue on. December 15 is National Wear Pearls Day, since pearls are so important to Girl Scouts we wanted to celebrate the day!

  • Wear Pearls- Make sure you tell your troop the story of Juliette selling her pearls to help continue on Girl Scouts and then wear pearls in her honor on December 15!
  • Pearl SWAPS- Create SWAPS that represents the story of Juliette Gordon Low selling her pearls for Girl Scouts. Give out this SWAPS to another Girl Scout troop who doesn’t know the story of Juliette’s pearls.

Stay tuned for a New Year and new commemorative celebrations!


Troop Perspective: Why Girls are Thankful for the Impact of Girl Scouting

November 22, 2016


By: Girl Scout Troop #3437 and Co-Leader, Marsha Beasley

Girl Scouts was founded as an organization that makes girls’ visions a reality by helping them discover their strengths, passions, and talents. Every day across the state of North Carolina, we work to give girls a chance to connect and collaborate while taking action to make the world a better place.

We recently share Girl Scout member Joy Chafin’s story about how her experience with Girl Scouts and how the experience made a huge and positive impact on her life. Now it’s time to hear from our girls! Girl Scout Cadette Troop #3437 shared why they are thankful for Girl Scouting and the amazing opportunities they’ve been able to experience through our program!

“It’s fun, and we get to bond and become better friends with sister Girl Scouts.”
– Olivia B.

“I have a good troop to do lots of things for the homeless.”
– Lia K.

“It helps teach us how to be a leader and role model, and it also helps us socialize with other girls.”
– Payten S.

“My friends show me how to be kind, brave, resourceful, funny, awesome, and good willed every day. They are my happiness.”
– Ashley K.

“I get to meet new people every day and they push me out of my comfort zone.”
– Olivia H.

“We help feed the hungry and volunteer at super cool places.”
– Mary T.

“I get to go many places and make many friends.”
– Hannah W.

With Girl Scouts, you’ll do more than you ever thought you could, dream bigger dreams than you ever imagined – and make them a reality! Is your girl ready to take on her next adventure? Follow the fun and join Girl Scouts today!

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