August Commemorative Celebrations

July 31, 2017


National S’mores Day

A classic Girl Scout tradition is enjoying a summer evening around the fire with Girl Scout sisters, eating s’mores. Honor this Girl Scout tradition on August 10, by gathering together as a troop to roast marshmallows and enjoy fellowship.

  • Bonfire – A bonfire is as traditional as is gets in Girl Scouts. Kickoff your Girl Scout year with a fire or bring everyone together for an end of summer reunion. Supply the s’more fixings and have fun!
  • S’mores Dessert – S’mores have become a wildly popular dessert. There are recipes online for s’mores cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes, and ice cream. Try out a few s’mores recipes online to see if they are as good as the original sweet.

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Photography Day

Say Cheese! Explore life through the lens on August 19th. There are many types of cameras to use and millions of subjects for you to shoot. Learn all about this interesting hobby.

  • Photography Badges – Give Ambassadors and Juniors the chance to earn a photography related badge in August. Teach Juniors how to use a digital camera as they work on their badge. Inspire Ambassadors to channel their inner artist while working towards the Photographer badge.
  • Troop Photo Shoot – Capture special moments with your troop with a photo shoot. Dress up, take silly photos or smile big for classic troop picture. Take a picture as you start your Girl Scout year and then one in the spring. This is a fun way to see how everyone has grown and changed.
  • Take a Class – Do you have a troop full of aspiring photographers? Find a local photographer to teach your troop the basics of photography. Connect with someone who can help use utilize their smartphones to capture stunning images.

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The Solar Eclipse

On August 21, we will have a rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of the sun light’s path, making it dark in the middle of the day. Learn about this astronomical phenomenon through these activities.

  • Eclipse Demonstration – Using simple objects from home create a solar eclipse. Here are two experiment options to choose from: orange and clay model and apple and pencil model.
  • Watch the Eclipse – Step outside on August 21st to view this amazing sight. It is important to be safe when viewing a solar eclipse. Watch this video to follow the guidelines provided by experts.
  • Make a Pinhole Projector – With objects found at home you can make a tool to help you view the solar eclipse on August 21. Watch this video for step by step instructions to make a pinhole projector.

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National Women’s Equality Day

On August 26, we celebrate those who have courageously advocated for women’s voices and rights. Take time to empower your Girl Scout sisters and let your voice be heard through these activities.

  • Interview a Courageous Woman – It is the daring women who have come before us that paved the way for our voices. Interview a woman who inspires you to learn how they have used their voice to empower others. Below are a few questions you may want to ask in your interview:
    • What female has inspired you in your life?
    • How do you empower others?
    • What wisdom would you share with someone my age?
  • Empowerment Activity – An important part of National Women’s Equality Day is empowering each other. Participate in this team building activity to encourage positivity, affirmation, and sisterhood in your troop.
  • Learn about the 19th Amendment – National Women’s Equality Day celebrates the passing of the 19th Answer the following questions about to learn about the law. A great place to research women’s history is www.history.com.
    • What is the 19th amendment?
    • What date and year was it passed?
    • Who is Susan B Anthony? What was her role in the 19th amendment?
    • What president helped to pass the 19th amendment?

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Girl Perspectives: Making the World a Better Place (Aleeyah)

July 24, 2017

Girl Scout Alleyah shares her story on earning her Girl Scout Silver Award.


By Aleeyah W., Girl Scout

I am an Ambassador Girl Scout and I have greatly enjoyed my participation in Girl Scouts over the last 9 years. My experience has been wonderful and has included hard work. While being a Girl Scout, I have earned a lot of badges and numerous cookie recognitions.  I earned my Girl Scout Silver Award and have had opportunities to travel as well as go camping in the wilderness. I have had the opportunity to attend summer leadership, science and cooking camps and for a couple of years now I have been an assistant leader on Monday evenings to a Daisy troop – I love it! I have made so many sisters in Girl Scouts.

My accomplishments while earning my Girl Scout Silver Award made the world a better place. I conducted an afterschool reading program at a local daycare in my community. Reading makes us smarter. It is a vigorous exercise for the brain and helps us to understand the world around us. The children who attended liked reading to me, and I loved reading them their favorite books. When I had time, I would check out additional books from our local library on topics they enjoyed such as plants and animals. We even made crafts, such as coloring dinosaur eggs. All of them had great imaginations. When we’d go outside to play, they’d recite the alphabet which is the first step in learning to read. I also collected and refurbished books donated by members of my community to give to them.

Last summer I attended counselor in training camp at Camp Mary Atkinson where I received the camp name Reese and enjoyed activities such as canoeing and archery. And over the years I’ve learned so much during cookie season – to smile, count money back and of course ask everyone to buy cookies. In the fall I will be a senior in high school. It is something I am happy about, but sadly it will also be my last year as an Ambassador. But it will not be my last year as a Girl Scout – Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout.

My goal is to one day become a reading teacher and hopefully someday I will also be a Girl Scout leader where I can teach girls to make the world a better place and to inspire young girls to be the best they can be. I could not have accomplished all I have in Girl Scouts alone and I appreciate everyone, troop leaders and family, who have helped me along the way.

What a great story! Thanks for sharing, Aleeyah! To join in sharing your Girl Scout story, visit our story submissions page!

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