Girl Scouting Keeps the Faith with Troops Sharing Their Stories!

August 25, 2016

Troop 833

By Meridith Orr, Program Executive

Our Girl Scout Promise states that each girl will, on her honor, try “to serve God.”  While we refrain from teaching specific religious or spiritual beliefs or practices, we believe that the motivating force in Girl Scouting is a spiritual one, and our organization supports girls from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Girl Scouts encourages both our girl and adult members to explore their values, including developing connections between their own faith traditions and the Girl Scout Law.

Troop 109 and 290

The My Promise, My Faith pin is a GSUSA-created award that helps a girl explore connections between the Girl Scout Law and her faith.  The steps to earn the award show her how both Girl Scouting and her faith offer similar ideas about how to act.  Girls may earn the pin once a year, every year she is in Girl Scouting by choosing a different line of the law.  The award may be earned in a troop setting and the requirements are published in each grade level of The Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting.

Religious recognition awards are created by specific faith communities, and offer lessons based on their beliefs and tenets.  The requirements, as well as the awards themselves, are obtained from national faith organizations or committees.  More information about religious recognition programs can be found at www.praypub.org/partner_gsusa.htm

Troop 961

During Girl Scout Week each March, we start with Girl Scout Sunday and end with Girl Scout Sabbath on a Saturday, so that it always includes Girl Scouts’ Birthday, March 12.  Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Sabbath give girls an opportunity to attend their place of worship and be recognized as a Girl Scout. This year, we invited troops to share their stories about how they celebrated Girl Scout Sunday, and you responded with great stories and pictures!

  • Rainbow Service Unit worked with Cherry Point Baptist Church in Havelock, NC, to create a special celebration. 20 girls and their families attended the church service, where each Girl Scout wore her uniform vest. From handing out bulletins and Girl Scout Sunday flyers to playing music and leading prayers, each girl participated in the service, including a music program for the church prior to the sermon.  Following the service the Girl Scouts thanked the church by hosting a reception for the members.
  • Troop 833 in Henderson celebrated at Raleigh Road Baptist church in Henderson, where the troop meets. The girls held roles as greeters and ushers during the service, and provided a picture slide show during their presentation to show some of the fun activities and learning projects they have completed this year. The girls even brought some cookies for the congregation to sample.
  • Girl Scout Troops 109 & 290 in Wayne County spent Girl Scout Sunday presenting the entire service at Brogden United Methodist Church. They sang, ushered, served as acolytes and helped with the offering. They even cleaned the church afterwards!
  • Troop 961 attended services at Hill King United Methodist Church in Louisburg. The girls served as greeters, distributed church bulletins and took up the offering during the service.

Rainbow SU

To help troops explore religious emblems and prepare to celebrate Girl Scouting in their faith communities, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines offers a Religious Recognitions Workshop.  Here, girls have the opportunity to grow stronger in their faith and honor their promise “to serve God.”  This year, you can attend a workshop in person on September 30, 2016 at the Raleigh Service Center or one of three webinars on January 31, April 11 and August 29, 2017.  We hope to hear more of your Girl Scout Week stories in 2017!



Commemorative Celebrations – September

August 22, 2016

By Tara Rappleye, Program Director

Did you know that there are special holidays and observances each month that aren’t on every U.S. calendar? Fun celebrations like National Cookie Month, Go Caroling Day, Garden Month, and Drawing Day –  these are a few of the monthly and daily observances that we celebrate in the United States each year!

There’s a variety of monthly observances, ranging from the fun National S’mores Day in August, to the impactful International Girls Day in October. Many of the monthly and daily observances can be tied to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) curriculum like STEM Month and Outdoor Month! Inspired by the connections made between these celebrations and Girl Scout badges, awards, patches, and traditions, the GS – NCCP Commemorative Celebrations blog series was created to keep you and your Girl Scouts in-the-know!

In the weeks before the start of a new month we will post a special blog post highlighting some of the fun holiday and observances for the upcoming month. To help you plan how your troop will participate in these observances, we will share ways your troop can celebrate and get involved. There will be activities connected to badges, patches, Girl Scout traditions, and ones that are just simply fun!

Be sure to pop by our blog at the end of each month to see what observances your troop can celebrate next!

September’s Monthly and Daily Observances:

National Hispanic Heritage Month

September is National Hispanic Heritage Month. This monthly observance was created to celebrate Hispanic Heritage both inside and outside the Hispanic community. One way you can partake is through our council’s Hispanic Heritage Month patch program. In the patch program, Girl Scouts will learn more about the Hispanic population in their community through interviews, research, crafts, making meals, and more. This patch program is great for all ages because of the variety of activities.

Fruits & Vegetables- More Matters Month

Fruits & Vegetables- More Matters Month is all about eating more fruits and vegetables! Here are three ways to add some veggies and fruits into your troop meetings:

  1. Fruits and Veggies Only- Instead of bringing trail mix or cupcakes to your troop meetings this month, bring a fruit or veggie. Grab a bundle of bananas or bag of carrots. This is a super simple way to eat more vegetables and fruit.
  2. Farmer’s Market- North Carolina has many wonderful farmer’s markets across the state. Adventure as a troop to one near you. Let everyone pick out a fruit or veggie to take home or grab a bunch different ones to snack on after your trip.
  3. Home Grown North Carolina Patch Program– Learn about the agriculture of North Carolina through our patch program. Girl Scouts will be educated on the produce local to North Carolina and about the Department of Agriculture.

National Wildlife Day- September 4

Girl Scouts’ compassion and love for animals is inspired by our founder, Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low. This love of animals is why we are highlighting National Wildlife Day this month. Below are three ways to love wildlife on or around September 4!

  • Nature Walk-Enjoy that perfect September weather at one of North Carolina’s state parks or in your own neighborhood. On your walk, track all the animals you see!
  • Animal Care- An important part of celebrating our wildlife is helping to care for it. A great way to help wildlife is to clean up trash that endangers their lives. Head to a park, wooded area, or any green space with animals and spend an hour picking up trash.
  • Animal Badges- Brownies through Seniors can earn an animal related badge. National Wildlife Day is a great day to be inspired to work on one or two of your Animals badge requirements.

National Preparedness Month

The motto of the Girl Scouts is to “Be prepared,” which is why we chose to celebrate National Preparedness Month. Here are two ways you can work as a troop on being prepared:

  1. Hurricane Awareness Patch Program-Check out our GS – NCCP patch program. Your troop will learn about hurricanes and how they work. They also will spend time thinking of how to ensure their safety if a hurricane hits.
  2. First Aid Badges- The Girl Scout First Aid badges educate girls on how to be prepared for both minor and major medical situations. As Brownies, you learn the basics, like how to dial 9-1-1. As you progress through the badges so does your knowledge of safety. Use National Preparedness Month to work on a few of your First Aid badge requirements.

Look for October’s observances and activity ideas on the blog towards the end of September!

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