Cookie Selling Tips and Tricks

January 23, 2017


By: Ga Ming West, Marketing Coordinator

What’s your goal this cookie season, Girl Scout? Whether you’re looking to use cookie proceeds to fund a community service project or take a trip to explore a new city, we’re here to help you succeed! Here’s five cookie selling tips and tricks to help boost your sales!

  1. Sage Credit Card Swipers

No cash? No problem! Sign up to get a free Sage Credit Card Swiper so you can take debit or credit card purchases when you’re out selling cookies!

  1. Operation Cookie Drop

Let your customers know how they can participate in our council-wide service project! Through Operation Cookie Drop, we bring a sweet taste of home to military men and women deployed far from home through cookie donations. Don’t forget, you can earn a patch after you’ve collected 15 boxes!

  1. Buy 5

The Cookie Program only runs from January 14 – March 5, but your customers can have the chance to enjoy our delicious cookies all year-round through our Buy 5 program! For every 5 boxes bought during a single purchase, customers will receive a certificate to register online for six chances to win our Buy 5 drawing.

  1. Spread the Word

Let your friends, family, and community know about your cookie business! You can write an article to share with your school, local shops, neighborhood, and places of worship. And don’t forget to use COCOdirect and COCOmobile’s e-commerce platforms to create a digital storefront, send emails about important cookie dates and offerings, and share on social media with your parent/caregiver’s permission to help get the word out and boost your sales!

  1. Don’t Be Shy!

Girl Scout Mariam T. encourages cookie sellers to interact with their customers. “Don’t be shy to speak to your customer and find out what flavor they want to buy.” It’s also a good idea to follow up with your customers before the Cookie Program ends to check and see if they want to re-order.

Happy selling, Girl Scouts! Got any cool tips and trick you’d like to share? Share your cookie stories with us!


You Know it’s the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Season When…

January 16, 2017

By: Ga Ming West, Marketing Coordinator

You Know it’s the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Season When…

1. You finally get to try the brand new S’mores cookie



2. Your house is full of cookies



3. You know you’re supposed to sell the cookies, but all you want to do is this:



4. You’re ready to use your Sage Swiper for credit card cookie purchases



5. You’re the cool kid everyone goes to for cookies



6. You and your squad are rollin’ through the neighborhood for Walkabout Week



7. Everyone’s trying to stock up on Thin Mints



8. Sometimes, you just have to treat your self to a delicious cookie (or two)



9. You’re in total #CookieBoss mode



10. You hit your cookie goal, which calls for a celebration!


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