Troop Leader Moms – A Special Bond

By Dana Erickson, GS-NCCP Intern and Girl Scout Alum

When I was six I begged my parents to let me join Girl Scouts, living in a rural town there weren’t many opportunities and the only troop in my area wasn’t a good fit. I was more than a little crushed that I was going to miss out on the opportunities I had heard my mom and grandmother talk about when reflecting on their time in Girl Scouts. That was until my mom became my hero by stepping up to form a new troop in the area. Immediately, all of my friends and I joined and it would kickoff the greatest experience the two of us ever had. 

Having my mom as my troop leader helped us grow closer and fostered a close-knit relationship that has continued to this day even though I am long since out of the house. Girl Scouts was by far my favorite activity growing up, which is probably evident by the fact that I’m still involved with it today! I looked forward to our weekly troop meetings which meant I was looking forward to hanging out with my mom. 

As I grew older, the car rides to and from Girl Scout meetings became increasingly important. I was becoming more involved in after-school activities and coming home later and later with more and more homework. This really began to cut into the time I was spending at home with my parents, but our car ride to Girl Scout meetings, and the extra time we had waiting for the other girls to arrive, provided me with a set time to talk with my mom one-on-one.

Somehow, by becoming a troop leader my mom had become the “cool mom” among my childhood friends, most of whom were members of our troop. Perhaps this was because they all got to watch her get totally freaked out on a ghost tour in Savannah, but whatever the reason my friends thinking my mom was the “cool mom” eventually made me see her that way. Through being my leader, my mom was able to better understand what was going on in my life and we were able to continue to grow closer. 

Having my mom as my troop leader helped shape me into the women I am today, one of courage, confidence, and character, and made us closer than I ever could have imagined. I could not have asked for a better Girl Scout leader! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing Girl Scout mom out there! We appreciate everything you do, today and everyday! 

Interested in getting more involved with your daughters troop? Check out our website for more information under Volunteer Opportunities

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