Challenge Yourself as a Media Girl

At Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, our Media Girlz team serves as the face of our council, sharing their love of Girl Scouts with others through a variety of awesome opportunities. They are our go-to girls for television and radio interviews, social media features, blog posts, and more and we couldn’t be more grateful for them!

The main requirement for joining the team? Being a passionate Girl Scout advocate that can’t wait to share our Movement with the world. While we have a few events that Media Girlz all participate in together, each girl’s contribution is different based on her strengths and what she likes to do.

The Media Girlz team is made up of 15 Girl Scout Juniors through Ambassadors that serve a year-long term. This year, girls must apply for the team by May 31st, and if their application is chosen to move forward they must attend our virtual casting call on June 13th.

Thinking about joining the team? If any of the below sound like you, we encourage you to challenge yourself by applying!

1. You LOVE Girl Scouts and being involved.

Do you like to participate in our awesome Girl Scout program events or activities? Our Media Girlz share their experiences with us so that we can tell other girls why Girl Scouts is so awesome.

2. You want to improve your public speaking skills.

Public speaking is an incredible skill to have that you can use for life! However, speaking in front of a camera or in front of a group of people can be scary. With Media Girlz, you can practice public speaking in a safe space and then challenge yourself to speak in front of others.

3. You love to be creative and make things like videos or graphics to share with others.

Our Media Girlz team plays a large part in keeping our council social media pages girl-led! We love when our Media Girlz create videos with their troop or about their Girl Scout experiences that we can share to inspire other girls.

4. You like to write for fun.

If they want to, Media Girlz can write their very own blog posts to be featured here about their favorite parts of Girl Scouts! They can also write quotes for us to send to newspapers.

5. You want to grow professionally.

Do you want to be a journalist or be on the news when you grow up? Media Girlz learn first-hand what this is like by speaking with reporters and touring a television news studio. Plus, if you are a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador, you can put it on your resume or college application!

Apply to be a Media Girlz today for a year of fun and trying new things! Contact Ashley Winton with questions at

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