Highlights from the Media Girlz Studio Tour

By Caraline Malloy, Girl Scout Ambassador, Girl Member of the Council Board, and Media Girl

Being a Girl Scout can introduce you to many career fields, even news broadcasting!

As a member of our council’s Media Girlz team, I was fortunate to have the opportunity tour the ABC 11 television studio and meet news anchor (and Girl Scout alum!) Tisha Powell. It was an awesome opportunity, and I learned what it’s like to be a true go-getter in the media world!


Walking through the doors of the studio, we were greeted by Mrs. Powell, who was the gracious host of our tour. She directed us to our first stop, ABC 11’s briefing room, for a quick Q&A session with her. From this, we learned more about Mrs. Powell’s job as a news anchor and her responsibilities. I was surprised to learn just how challenging working in news broadcasting can be!

A major part of being a news anchor/reporter is researching the stories that you are going to report during your television segment. Of course, this also means you may have as little as a few hours to go from researching and learning more about your story to reporting your information on air to thousands of people. Good time management skills are crucial!


We also discussed the time commitment. Like in other occupations, there are certain shifts a news reporter must work. For example, a morning news reporter may work from 2 am to 12 pm, or an evening news reporter may work from 4 pm to midnight. Of course, these hours aren’t just time spent on air. Many news anchors and reporters spend the time before and after their on-air segment being briefed on what they are to report (a story that another reporter may have researched), or they are finishing up their own research on a topic.

The next stop on our tour was where all the action takes place— the newsroom! We got to see the behind the scenes process of filming a news report and a weather report. We saw the hundreds of cameras used to get just the right angle and we viewed the control room where specialists use a unique keyboard to control what we see on the broadcast.


We also got to experience what it’s like to be a weather reporter in front of the green screen alongside ABC 11 Meteorologist, Brittney Bell. Aside from a few junior Girl Scouts disappearing on the monitor (due to their vests being green— green doesn’t show up against a green screen!), we had a blast practicing the weekly weather report! We even had a front row seat for the recording of the evening news with reporter with DeJuan Hoggard.

To conclude our awesome tour, we had the opportunity to meet some of the team in charge of running ABC 11’s website and social media accounts. They explained to us how they edit and upload news articles to post on the ABC 11 website, and how ABC 11 tracks how many people visit their site and when. This program also gives them a way to see how their website is doing in comparison to other News sources.


This ABC 11 studio tour is just one of the many opportunities I’ve had as a Media Girl to experience public broadcasting. Meeting Tisha Powell, Brittney Bell, and many other members of the ABC 11 cast was such a marvelous experience! Everyone was so kind and willing to answer any questions that we asked — and there were plenty! That’s no surprise though, Media Girlz are practically mini journalists. I absolutely adored my time on set in front of the green screen and asking Mrs. Powell questions about being a newscaster and reporter. I am now seriously considering a career in journalism or news casting.

If you’re a Girl Scout In the grades 4-12 and you love sharing your Girl Scouting experiences with others, don’t hesitate to join the Media Girlz team! From my time spent as a Media Girl, I have gotten to share my amazing experiences as a Girl Scout, while creating even more meaningful memories I’ll never forget. Girl Scouts, give your star the opportunity to shine by joining the Media Girlz team!


The 2019-2020 Media Girlz application will be opening at the end of March. If you LOVE Girl Scouts and being in the spotlight, make sure to apply! Keep an eye out for an email and on our social media for application information.

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