Girl Scout Gold Award Quick-Start Guide

Gold Award Girl Scouts are the dreamers and the doers who take “make the world a better place” to the next level. 

As a Senior or Ambassador earning the Gold Award, you tackle issues that are dear to you and drive lasting change in your community and beyond. Think of the Gold Award as a key that can open doors to scholarships, preferred admission tracks for college, and amazing career opportunities. 

Are you ready to lead with confidence, become a project manager and explore your passions? The process and guidelines for earning the Girl Scout Gold Award are set by our national organization, GSUSA and girls across the country participate. At Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, we have developed specific tools and resources to help you complete the most successful Gold Award you’re capable of doing. Read on to learn more.

Girl Scout Gold Award Orientation

We know that our Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors are busy, so with you in mind, our council has developed an online training module to provide you with foundational knowledge about going Gold! The Girl Scout Gold Award Orientation can be completed any time and can be found on our Gold Award web page. Topics covered during the Gold Award Orientation include:

Gold Award Prerequisites

  • 7 steps to Go Gold
  • Introduction to GoGold online platform
  • Proposal and Final Report Submission Process
  • And so much more!

Completing the Gold Award Orientation is the most beneficial thing you can do before beginning work on the Girl Scout Gold Award. Getting these informational pieces out of the way, allows us to jump right in and take a deep dive into your project ideas during a Gold Award Workshop!  

Girl Scout Gold Award Workshop

Gold Award workshops have undergone a redesign to better meet the needs of our Girl Scouts. This coaching workshop was designed to give you the inside scoop and help you build skills to assist you in your goal of earning the Gold Award. In advance of the workshop you’ll want to watch the Girl Scout Gold Award orientation training. 

Do you have a project idea but you’re not sure how you take it from community service to take action? Do you have questions about mind mapping? Not sure how to ensure that your project is sustainable? No problem! We’ll walk you through steps 1-7 of the Gold Award process using a sample community issue. We will share tips for brainstorming and researching a community need, writing a strong proposal and timeline, evaluating and ensuring sustainability for your project, tips for selecting your project advisor and managing your time, team & resources.  

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will:   

  • understand the requirements of the Gold Award. 
  • understand the steps to earning the Gold Award. 
  • understand the concepts of root cause, active leadership, and sustainability. 
  • understand the difference between community service projects and take action projects.

A Girl’s Guide to Going Gold

A Girl’s Guide to Going Gold complements the Gold Award Orientation and the Gold Award Workshop, which is why you’ll receive a copy of this resource when you attend a hands-on workshop. You can also print a copy here.

This guide walks you step-by-step through the Gold Award process from writing a winning proposal to submitting a gold-worthy final report.

GSUSA Girl Scout Gold Award YouTube Videos

So, as an aspiring Gold Award Girl Scout who wants to make lasting change in your community, how do you set yourself up for success? Watch as a group of National Gold Award Girl Scouts explains how to identify the root cause of an issue you’re passionate about, how to show leadership and build a team, how to make sure your Gold Award is sustainable and measurable, and how to demonstrate that your issue has a national or global link. 

Questions? Contact Program Director, Gabriel Williams at

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