2020 Early Bird Renewal Incentives

Early bird renewal for 2020-21 is now open through the end of May! While the past few months have presented many challenges, our Girl Scouts have remained resilient and adaptable. As life keeps changing, Girl Scouts will continue to be here when she needs us the most. Renew when you’re ready for a year filled with fun!

We have been providing a variety of engagement activities to girls through our Girl Scouting at Home web page to help keep them engaged and excited about being a Girl Scout and all that our program offers! Every experience and skill we can offer her right now will help her continue to be successful at school and in life when it’s time for us all to come together again. Looking forward to that time? We are, too! Which is why we’re offering some sweet rewards for girls who renew their Girl Scout membership now. 

Check it out! Renew her Girl Scout membership by June 1st and:

  • Your girl receives a free More to Explore 2020-21 patch.
  • She also receives $5.00 digital gift card that can be used in the council shop or towards Council event and activities next year
  • Is she bridging? Participate in our virtual bridging celebration on May 28th!
  • Bonus! Her troop will receive a $5.00 membership rebate (rebate will be deposited into her troop’s bank account).

There’s More to Explore with Girl Scouts next year, and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish!

Not ready to renew, just yet? No worries. We know you have so much going on right now, so whenever you’re ready, no matter when that is, we just want you to know we’re here for you. Contact our Help Desk with any questions.

2 thoughts on “2020 Early Bird Renewal Incentives


    We have renewed our memberships for Latrell Baker, Angel Baker, Linda Baker, and Jonathan Baker for the 2020-2021 Scout year. How do we get the free More to Explore 2020-21 patch? We paid for two adult memberships and our girls used Cookie Dough money. Thank you.

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