Leadership Grows at Summer Camp

By Tracy Sternberg, Chief Development Officer I was fortunate to attend several different resident camps growing up. My experiences were life changing and many of my summer camp pals have become lifelong friends. I gained confidence and learned that I could try anything and succeed - or fail - and that was OK. Join me … Continue reading Leadership Grows at Summer Camp

5 Tips for Happiness at Camp Hardee

  Kristi Doebler, Camp and Outdoor Program Director Having spent many summers at a wide variety of camps, I am so excited to spend my summers on the Pamlico River as the camp director for Camp Hardee. I grew up as a Girl Scout, earning my Silver and Gold Awards, and truly believe in our … Continue reading 5 Tips for Happiness at Camp Hardee

“Girl Scout camp is my life!”

By Deanna Ludwick, Senior Camp & Outdoor Program Director       This year not only marks my eighth year at Camp Mary Atkinson, but my 20th summer at Girl Scout camp. Yes, that’s right – 20! 20 extraordinary summers filled with girls canoeing and kayaking in lakes, trying their hand at archery, challenging their fears, … Continue reading “Girl Scout camp is my life!”

The Magic of Camp Graham

Nephitearya Bailey, Camp and Outdoor Program Director Greetings from Kerr Lake! Did you know Camp Graham sits on 155 acres of lake frontage, open areas, and woodlands? Campers have a blast as they swim, canoe, kayak, paddle board, sail, and slide down the ten foot water fall of summer fun! Camp is a place where … Continue reading The Magic of Camp Graham

How Many Tie Dye T-Shirts Does a Girl Scout Volunteer Need?

By Peggy Anglin, Leader of Troop #1034 The perfect NC summer get away for some would certainly be the beach- but not me. My favorite summer retreat (since my first experience in 1997) is Camp Graham surrounded by giggling girls, enthusiastic camp staff and other Girl Scout leaders and moms who volunteer to trade their … Continue reading How Many Tie Dye T-Shirts Does a Girl Scout Volunteer Need?

So many opportunities with Girl Scouts!

By Nathalie H., GSNCCP Girl Board Member Hi! My name is Nathalie and I'm one of six Girl Scouts on the Girl Board for this year. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and talking about why it's awesome to be a Girl Scout! I joined Girl Scouts at six-years-old when my family was living … Continue reading So many opportunities with Girl Scouts!