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6 Ways to Get Outside

March 7, 2016

Get Outside with Girl Scouts!

By Nephitearya “Clove” Bailey, Camp Director, Camp Graham

When we think of being in the “great” out-of-doors, the first things that come to mind are camping and long nature hikes. With the hustle and bustle of school, work, family and extra-curricular commitments during the week, many families reserve outdoor activities for the weekend. However, no matter the day or season, there are simple ways to get your family outside and enjoying nature. In honor of Get Outside, part of our Girl Scout Spirit Week, here are 6 simple ideas to help get you going:

Eat Outside

Have a picnic dinner local park or even in your own backyard. As you eat, take notice of the sights and sounds around you.

Go on an Adventure

Create a treasure hunt or neighborhood scavenger hunt. Bury an object somewhere in your yard and create a map to follow or create clues to lead you on a journey around the neighborhood.


Spread a blanket in your yard and look at the moon, stars and the night sky or take a night walk around your neighborhood. Flashlights or glow sticks can make an ordinary stroll extraordinary!

Get Artsy

Make nature crafts or outdoor art. From sidewalk chalk drawings to building a fairy house out of materials found in your yard, or creating stick figures (instructions below) there are tons of outdoor craft ideas.

Stick Figure Instructions:

  1. Clean a fallen branch or stick and remove any loose bark.
  2. Give your stick a base coat of white acrylic paint.
  3. When dry, paint your creature. You can even add yarn to give it hair or a tail!

Get Dirty

Do some outdoor service in your neighborhood or a local park. You can pick up trash or plant wildflowers or bulbs in a common area. You can also do some beautification in your own yard planting flowers, pulling weeds or planting a small vegetable garden.

Play Outside

Construct a loose parts free play area in your yard using materials such as hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, puppets, sidewalk chalk, cardboard boxes, clay, pots/pans/plastic containers, water hose, bug boxes, tarps, gardening tool, sticks, rocks- anything that can be moved!

Being in the out-of-doors does not mean you have to be in the woods. Just about anything you normally do indoors, can be taken outside. Challenge yourself to get you and your family outside experiencing nature at least once per week. Whatever you choose to do, just go outside!


Spring into Birthday Fun with Girl Scout Week (and Spirit Week) 2016!

February 29, 2016

By Tara Rappleye, Program Director

It’s that time of year again…GIRL SCOUT WEEK! Time to celebrate the organization that we all love and are honored to be a part of. This year Girl Scout Week will be celebrated March 7, 2016 to March 12, 2016.

As in past years, all our members are invited to celebrate Girl Scout Week by participating the fourth annual Girl Scout – NC Coastal Pines Spirit Week. This year, when girls/troops participate in the spirit week fun, they’ll also be fulfilling requirements to earn our first-ever Girl Scout Week patch!

The Girl Scout Week patch is part of our council-sponsored patch program and encourages girls to learn more about our amazing organization and how we’ve been building girls of courage, confidence, and character for 104 years.

We’ve outlined the 2016 Girl Scout Spirit Week activities below and you can learn more about how to earn our Girl Scout Week patch on our website.

Girl Scout Spirit Week Activities

GSWeek 2016

Monday, March 7 – Girl #ScoutSelfie

Get those selfie sticks ready! Snap a selfie of you or your troop in your Girl Scout gear or participating in a Girl Scout activity. Then post your selfie on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag Girl #ScoutSelfie and tell us why you love Girl Scouts!

Tuesday, March 8 – Get Outside

Got cabin-fever after a long winter? Time to get outside! If the weather is warm visit one of our Girl Scout Camps and have a picnic. If Jack Frost is still hanging around take a quick walk with your family, just to get some fresh air. Post a photo on Facebook and Twitter and tell us your favorite outdoor activity!

Wednesday, March 9 – Letters to the Troops (Operation Cookie Drop)

Giving back is a core tenant of every Girl Scout experience. A phenomenal way to celebrate Girl Scout Week is to participate in our fourth annual Letter Writing Campaign for our military troops. These letters/stories/pictures are delivered alongside our Operation Cookie Drop deliveries this spring. Soldiers not only enjoy a sweet taste of home, but also receive a heartfelt thank you from our Girl Scouts!

To participate, simply mail your letters to the address below or drop them off at any of our service center locations by April 15, 2016.

Letters To Our Troops
c/o Amy Vitale
6901 Pinecrest Road
Raleigh, NC 27613

Thursday, March 10 – Throwback Thursday (#tbt)

Whether your first Girl Scout meeting was four months ago, four years ago, or 40 years ago, it’s time to throw it back by sharing your favorite Girl Scout memory or photo on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see a those vintage uniforms and relive some amazing Girl Scout adventures.

Friday, March 11 – Fashion Friday

Time to show your Girl Scout spirit by wearing your Girl Scout Sash/Vest or Girl Scout T-shirt! Be CONFIDENT as your wear your Girl Scout gear to school, to work, or just around town, and show everyone you’re a part of an incredible organization. Don’t forget to post your Fashion Friday pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, March 12- Girl Scout Birthday!

Wahoo! We are 104! Break out the cupcakes and decorations as a troop, and throw a party celebrating 104 years of Girl Scouting. Don’t have sweet tooth? Plan a service project for your community as another way to honor the organization that inspires us to TAKE ACTION. Keep us posted on Facebook and Twitter on how you are celebrating the Girl Scout Birthday.

Girl Scout Birthday Week Patch Program

The Girl Scout Birthday Week Patch Program was created to help troops celebrate Girl Scout Week! The activities in this patch program have been inspired by a combination of many different facets of the Girl Scout organization. The variety of activities will encourage all Girl Scouts, no matter their interest or age to participate in this patch program.

Do you want to participate in both Spirit week and the Girl Scout Birthday Patch Program? YOU CAN! Spirit Week and the patch program are tied together! There are activities within this patch program, which correlate with Spirit Week Days. Participating in the Girl Scout Spirit Week helps you earn your patch.

Please note, you don’t have to participate in Spirit Week to earn this patch, they are tied together for those who want to participate in both. Also, you don’t have to do all the requirements for the patch program in one week, take time to celebrate Girl Scout Birthday Week throughout the month of March!

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Girl Scout Week this year! Have another idea for a spirit week activity or perhaps a special way you and your girls are celebrating? Tell us in the comments below or share with us online!

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