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Get Eclipsed, Girl Scouts!

July 11, 2017


Girl Scouts, grab your safety glasses and your viewing maps and get ready to get eclipsed! On August 21, we will have a rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of the sun light’s path, making it dark in the middle of the day. The total eclipse will cross the entire country, giving Girl Scouts from all over the opportunity to take a look– something that hasn’t happened since 1918!  Total solar eclipses are super cool because they allow us to look directly at the sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. Because of this, many scientific findings have taken place as a result of a total solar eclipse. How awesome is that?

The solar eclipse is the perfect way to get together with your fellow Girl Scouts to explore our solar system and witness a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence– and you can earn a fun solar eclipse patch! To help you prepare for the experience, we have put together some great learning suggestions and we have awesome tools so you can make the most of the event!

Here are some great suggestions of ways to learn  about this astronomical phenomenon:

  • Eclipse Demonstration – Using simple objects from home create a solar eclipse. Here are two experiment options to choose from: orange and clay model and apple and pencil model.
  • Watch the Eclipse – Step outside on August 21st to view this amazing sight. It is important to be safe when viewing a solar eclipse. Watch this video to follow the guidelines provided by experts.
  • Make a Pinhole Projector – With objects found at home you can make a tool to help you view the solar eclipse on August 21. Watch this video for step by step instructions to make a pinhole projector.
  • Attend our Solar Eclipse Party at Camp Mu-Sha-Ni! Full of hands-on events and a prime viewing location, this is a great way for all girls to learn about eclipses and earn our Solar Eclipse patch!
  • Looking for other fun activities? Use the official Girl Scouts Solar Eclipse Activity Guide full of great activities for every grade level!

In addition, Girl Scouts is celebrating the solar eclipse with patches and kits to help you safely view and locate the eclipse– get eclipsed!

Don’t miss out on your Great American Eclipse 2017 patch by ordering today! You can place your order online or email with the quantity, customer name, and shipping address.

Happy viewing, Girl Scouts!


Girl Scout Highest Award Recipients Sparkle

July 10, 2017

Girl Scouts go on the most amazing adventures. They discover, connect and take action with the world around them. Through their Girl Scout experiences they build courage, confidence and character developing them into the leaders of tomorrow. But they also do something else…. they SPARKLE!

Through the process of earning the highest awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in Girl Scouting, girls make a difference and have lasting impact.

Girl Scout Bronze Award

Girl Scout Juniors earning their Bronze Award are implementing projects as a troop to improve their Girl Scout or local municipality.

Girl Scout Silver Award

Girl Scout Cadettes in the process of completing their Silver Award are working in small groups (4 or less), or individually to take action to address an issue within their neighborhood or surrounding area.

Girl Scout Gold Award

Finally, Senior and Ambassador level Girl Scouts are leading individual projects to address a community issue to meet the requirements of earning the most prestigious Award in Girl Scouts, the Girl Scout Gold Award, earned by less than 6% of eligible members.  Girls in the process of earning their Gold Award develop a solution to a societal problem and build a team to implement their unique solution.

While the path to earn each of the highest awards is slightly different, one thing remains the same, Girl Scouts pick an issue they are passionate about to create change in their world and local community.  Each of the highest awards represents a journey in leadership.

More than 700 girls annually earn their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award across the Council’s 41-county footprint – that’s something to celebrate! Following completion, each Girl Scout is presented with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award pin to proudly wear and to show their SPARKLE. Additionally,  Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors whose Gold Award projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge related to a national and/or global issue are eligible for the National Young Women of Distinction award. This prestigious honor is given to ten Girl Scout Gold Award recipients each year, and last year local Girl Scout Sadhana Anantha, was named one of the 2016 recipients for the National Young Woman of Distinction award. How awesome is that?

For more than 100 years Girl Scouts have made a difference in their local communities. Get ready for what Girl Scouts do over the next 100 years!

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