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Your Girl Scout Troop Meeting: Agenda, Activities, and Adventure!

September 12, 2016


By Ga Ming West, Marketing Coordinator

What an exciting time of the year! Troops are starting back and brand new adventures await! At Girl Scouts, we’re all about building girls of courage, confidence, and character by engaging them in the process of leadership. An important component in helping girls achieve their goals is connecting with them and allowing girls to share their stories and experiences. Your Girl Scout Troop meeting is the perfect environment to create a warm and welcoming space for girls to be their best selves. If this is your first troop meeting, don’t sweat it, you’ve got this! If you’re a returning leader, keep reading for a fun new take to keep your meetings fresh and fun! Here are six components that will help you structure your meeting and kick-off your Girl Scout year!

1. Start Up (5 minutes)

Plan activities for girls as they arrive so they have something to do until the meeting beings. It could be as simple as coloring pages (for younger girls) to writing in a journal or enjoying the time to talk.

2. Opening (5-10 minutes)

Troops can decide how to open their meetings but most begin with the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and then add a simple flag ceremony, song, game, story or other activity planned by the girls. For all ages, consider a Kaper Chart and let the girls pick their Kaper before the opening.

3. Business (10-15 minutes)

Taking attendance, collecting dues, making announcements, and planning an upcoming event or trip are all things to do during this stage of the meeting. This is another great time for girls to take the lead, especially as they get older!

4. Activities (30-40 minutes)

Activities depend on what the girls want to do and what the troop
is currently working on. Use the meeting plans found in the Volunteer Toolkit to find activities that are designed to fit easily into this part of your meeting or ask a parent volunteer to lead an activity that ties to a petal or badge the troop is working on.

5. Clean Up (5-10 minutes)

Girl Scouts should always leave a place cleaner than they found it!

6. Closing (5-10 minutes)

Just like the opening, troops may decide how to close the meeting but many close with the Friendship Circle.

And that’s it! Feel free to change up the structure to best fit your troop’s needs. Tell us – how do you structure your troop meetings?


Fall Product Program 2016: Diamonds, S’mores, and Avatars! Oh My!

September 5, 2016


By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager

Are you ready to Do the Bright Thing and Dare to Dazzle? Join this year’s Fall Product Program and see how much fun you have being the best you! The 2016 sale brings new and exciting features to this year’s program and promises to be the easiest Fall Product Program ever.

Here’s a few things your girls can look forward to when the Fall Product Program launches on October 1, 2016!

Digital Avatars are back – and better than ever!

During the sale, Girl Scouts will have a blast creating their own digital avatars on the Me2 vendor site.  Creating an avatar, which is an icon/figure that represent a person online, allows girls to put a personal spin on their virtual storefront. The avatar can be displayed when learning e-commerce skills and sharing the sale via social media or email. Additionally, troops can compile all of their digital avatars and take a group photo – how cool is that?!

Additionally, girls can further personalize their avatars this year with even more wardrobe and accessories available, allowing girls to create an avatar that is the representative of their individually personalities and profiles.

And of course, similar to last year, as girls rack up their sales and reach their goals, they can turn their digital avatar into their own unique patch, among other awesome rewards!

Don’t forget: Girls that participate in the Fall Product Program by creating a digital avatar and sending 12 emails and also participate in the 2017 Cookie Program and sell 300 boxes of cookies will earn a unique, once-in-a-lifetime custom patch to celebrate her reaching goals and learning important financial literacy skills!

Girls get financially $avvy!

During the Fall Product Program girls not only have a ton of fun, but become financially savvy and learn important skills, including e-commerce skills – or skills related to commercial transactions and marketing that are conducted electronically. During the program, girls will learn to set goals, management money, work with customers and whole lot more! It’s a great way to actively engage your girls in learning important financial skills that they can build on and use for years to come.

Selling online helps girls #Sparkle!

Selling online has never been so easy! With the new Me2 site, Girl Scouts, with the help of their parents/guardians, can send emails to family and friends around the country to earn the #Sparkle patch quickly and easily. Girls’ virtual stores can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter reaching special groups like her family, neighborhood or community, or teacher list.

Me2 is easy to use, loads of fun, and more convenient for families, volunteers, and customers.   Here are just a few of those “awesome” features:

  • No shipping charges! One option available to customers is paying for their order online with a credit card and selecting to have the order hand-delivered by their favorite Girl Scout.
  • Less data entry for Troop Fall Sale Managers! Parents have access to enter information for their girls in the Me2 site.
  • New Training Resource! This year parents and volunteers will have access to Just In Time (JIT) training videos for our Fall Product Program, including how to use the M2M Media vendor platform. These videos were very popular during the Cookie Program, providing must-know-information in mere minutes!
  • One system for magazines and nuts/candy! No printing separate magazine reports.
  • Real time updates! See her reach her goal more easily as each girl’s progress and her sales level will be updated every day of the sale.

The Do the Bright Thing! Dare to Dazzle! Fall Product Sale officially kicks off October 1.  Girls can begin building their own avatar and selling as early as September 19 following the completion of sale training.  The face-to-face portion of the Fall Sale will end October 23 to allow all orders to be delivered to troops for distribution; however, girls and troops can continue their online sales from October 24 through November 13. This can be a great time to remind customers that the holidays are right around the corner and magazines, nuts, and chocolate, like our new S’more Trail Mix, make great gifts!

Whether you are returning to or new to the Fall Product Program, join the fun this fall and be amazed how quickly and easily your troop can earn proceeds for the year.

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