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Be a Home Scientist This Summer – Five Easy Experiments to Try

June 27, 2016


By Tara Rappleye, Program Director

School’s out, but science class is still in!

Keeping kids’ minds entertained and engaged in the summer can be tough. Especially on rainy days, there are only so many movies and board games to keep the mind stimulated. However, there’s a plethora of fun, STEM-based activities on the Internet. These at-home science experiments not only keep kids busy, but also encourage them to increase and retain their knowledge.

We’ve found a few experiments that make great rainy day activities and help Brownies work towards their Home Scientist badge. Earning badges and keeping kids entertained can be exhausting, so if have the supplies ready to go on those rainy days this summer, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Be a kitchen chemist: What is better than Jell-O? Jell-O that glows! No chemistry experience required for this experiment, only a little tonic water and Jell-O. This activity will be sure to leave your Girl Scout glowing.

Edible-Glowing Jell-O

Create static electricity: Build a butterfly out of tissue paper and grab a balloon, time to make your butterfly dance.

Electric Butterfly

Dive into density: Rainy days means rainbows in the kitchen. Grab a few household items to teach your Brownie about the different density of liquids.

Rainbow in a Jar

Make something bubble up: Got a sock or two without a pair lying around? Here is the perfect activity to use up those socks and have fun!

Homemade Bubble Blower

Play with science: Instead of setting up a lemonade stand, use those lemons to make a mighty volcano. Learn the science behind this citric eruption.

Lemon Volcanoes

These are just five of thousands fun, STEM related activities on the Internet. A simple search will lead you to many blogs, pages, and websites with more suggestions. There are experiments for every age and interest, from engineering to chemistry, and everything in between. Summer is a great time to teach your kids a thing or two about science and make great memories!


Adventure is Out There: Girl Scout Summer Camp Shopping Guide

May 30, 2016

By Devan Feeney, Graphic Design Intern

Summer is finally here, Girl Scouts! Time to explore new places, try new activities, and best of all—go camping! While you’re packing your bags, don’t forget to check out the Girl Scout Shop, which is stocked with awesome equipment to help you enjoy all that camping has to offer.

Need help deciding on the Girl Scout essentials for the great outdoors? Whether you are looking to add to your own camping collection or want to give your favorite outdoor enthusiast some new Girl Scouts goodies, our Summer Camp Shopping Guide is here to help!
Stainless Steel Mess Kit

Stainless Steel Mess Kit

Nothing says outdoor adventure like cooking over an open fire! Channel your inner camping chef with this durable mess kit. The kit includes a 1-qt. pot with a lid that doubles as a plate, a 6” bowl and a 12-0z. cup, and a mesh bag for easy clean up and carrying. Let’s get cooking, Girl Scouts! Price: $32.95


Jumbo Utility Bag

Big adventures require big bags! This Girl Scout utility bag is large and sturdy enough to hold all of your outdoor essentials, from sleeping bags and towels to sports equipment and extra clothes. All you need now is to decide on a destination! Price: $20.00


Girl Scout Compact Binoculars

Scope out the best views with these special Girl Scout binoculars! Compact and simple to adjust, they feature lenses that zoom in 8X closer to whatever catches your eye. Included is a protective pouch that can attach to a belt or backpack for easy carrying. With these binoculars at your side, there’s nothing out of sight! Price: $50.00

LED Lantern

Mini LED Camp Lantern

Lead and light the way with this LED push-button lantern! Featuring two levels of light, a twist-out table stand, and a metal handle for hanging, this lantern is ready to go wherever your Girl Scout adventures take you. Shine bright, campers! Price: $16.00

Polaris Compass

Polaris Compass

Map out your next great trek with this lightweight compass! Easy to read and use, it features an inch ruler and built-in magnifier to help you find your bearings and plan your next move. Adventure is just around the corner! Price: $18.00

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Girl Scouts are always prepared for a challenge, and this survival bracelet is too! Featuring a built-in compass and emergency whistle, this bracelet unwinds into nearly 10 feet of super-strong parachute cord perfect for re-rigging tents, tying up canoes and much more. With this bracelet you will always explore with confidence! Price: $5.00


Check out all of the other amazing Girl Scout goodies for exploring your summer by reading the Outdoor and Summer Catalog or visiting the online Camp Essentials collection.


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