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The Program Provider Document: Your Resource for Earning Patches, Badges, and Journeys

October 16, 2017

Did you know there are Girl Scout-friendly organizations across the council who are eager to help troops earn badges, patches, and complete Journeys as well as simply to have fun? Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines has compiled a list of some of these organizations to support troop engagement in the Girl Scout curriculum. Here are 10 things you need to know about this troop resource:Girl Scout Journeys


1. The Program Provider document is a list of Girl Scout-friendly organizations
Program Providers are vetted organizations which have been identified as organizations that support the Girl Scout mission through programming and experiences.

2. Program Providers can help Girl Scouts earn patches, badges, and complete Journeys
Many of the organizations have programming aligned to help troops work towards the completion of a badge, patch, or Journey. Troops and individual Girl Scouts can reach out learn about the programming offered.

3. Many organizations offer discounted tickets and rates for Girl Scouts
Organizations like theaters, sports teams, and other ticket vendors listed in the resource offer discounted rates to Girl Scouts and their families. The discount rates are often seasonal or based on certain performances or games. Check directly with the organization for any current Girl Scout discounts.

4. Connecting with Girl Scout-friendly organizations is easy
After reviewing the list select one that interests the troop, and simply reach out them to schedule the program. The Program Providers will work with you on scheduling to your specific needs to serve troops better.

5. Recommend organizations to be listed
If there is a local Girl Scout- friendly organization in your town or within the Council not currently listed, please fill out this form and a staff member will contact you.

6. The Program Provider document is on the GS – NCCP website
The document can be found by searching “program provider” in the Forms section of the website.

7. There are over 175 Program Providers who cover a variety of interest areas
There are providers who can help troops earn hiking badges and explore the outdoors. Many organizations love animals just as much as Girl Scouts do and are happy to share their knowledge of furry creatures. Also, some providers offer experiences that are great for team building and creating memories. There is an experience listed for every interest!

8. The list is updated quarterly
The list is updated and new organizations are added quarterly. Look for updates in the council e-newsletter or check with your Membership Director.

9. Program Providers are listed by county on the document
The program providers are listed alphabetically by county to include their organization name, website, focus area, city, contact information, Girl Scout level(s) served and the average cost per participant. This makes finding organizations easy, because you can search by location and then by focus area.

10. This resource helps you save time and create more memories
Utilizing this document to plan troop outings and experiences saves co-leader’s time. Program Providers deliver the program content which means co-leaders spend less time planning and have more time to create memories with their girls.

If you have questions about the Program Provider document, please email


It’s Here! 2017-2018 Council Patch of the Month List!

October 2, 2017

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines patch programs are a fun way to explore and learn. There are patch programs for all Girl Scouts with every interest. From dancing and stepping to history and hurricanes. Patch programs are great activity option while troops are between Journeys or badges.

Patch of the Month, highlights a certain patch program each month of the year, although each patch can be earned and purchased all-year round in any council retail shop. See the full list of our council patch programs on the GS-NCCP website!

Here are the patch programs we’ll be highlighting during the 17-18 program year!

September 2017 – Hurricane Awareness

As the peak of Hurricane season approaches educate your troop on how to be prepared for this natural disaster. Girl Scouts across the council can learn how to prepare for a hurricane and support those affected by hurricanes locally.


October 2017 – Think Pink!
The Think Pink! patch program carries special meaning to our organization as it honors our founder, Juliette Gordon Low who died of breast cancer. Think Pink! includes engaging activities that educate Girl Scouts on breast cancer and overall wellness. The program encourages troops to learn more about Daisy and her battle with breast cancer and spread awareness of the disease throughout the community.

November 2017 – North Carolina American Indian

Girl Scouts will celebrate the culture of North Carolina American Indians, past and present, by working towards their North Carolina American Indian patch. Long before Europeans settled in North Carolina, American Indians lived on this land and this November girls will educate themselves on modern and historical American Indian information and learn about the history of the state they live in.


December 2017 – Hand – In – Hand Helping Others
During the season of caring, learn how United Way supports and cares for our    community. Troops will learn about the organization and participate in activities that benefit their community. The Hand – In – Hand Helping Others patch program will retire in fall 2018 so don’t miss out on participating in this program before it is too late!










January 2018 – Bones Savvy*

Bones Savvy is back! This previously retired patch program is back with new activities. Learn about Osteoporosis and how to prevent it. Girl Scouts will participate in activities that will keep their bones and minds strong. The patch program will go online before the new year.


February 2018 – Make Every Dance Step Count
Don’t let the chilly weather keep you from being active, get moving and dancing in February as you participate in this patch program. Your troop will learn multiple styles of dance through this patch program. They also will learn some history and key players for each style of dance they study. Make Every Dance Step Count is a program that is fun for all ages. 







March 2018 – Girl Scout Birthday

Girl Scout Week 2017 will be celebrated March 11 through March 17. This patch program gives ideas to help celebrate the world’s largest organization for girls. Your troop will take part in traditions, service projects, and much more throughout the patch program. There is an activity for every Girl Scout in the Girl Scout Birthday Week patch program.


April 2018 – Talk It Out
April is Alcohol Awareness Month in North Carolina and a great time to Talk It Out. The Talk It Out patch program gives troops, parents, and leaders the tools to talk about underage drinking. The program consists of activities that get girls thinking about the consequences of underage drinking. The program targets older Girl Scouts and their families.


May 2018 – Make Every Step Count
In the Make Every Step Count patch program Girl Scouts will learn about eating right, exercising, and overall wellness. The Make Every Step Count patch program is divided into two programs, ones for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors and the other for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Each packet contains activities specific to the age range. Ready to get stepping?

June 2018 –  The North Carolina Coast*
The retired Know Your Coast and Coastal Carolina Living patch programs have been combined into a newly updated The North Carolina Coast patch program. Troops will learn about the coast’s culture, climate, animals, and attractions. Girls will be inspired to take action to protect the coast through multiple activities and challenges. Girls will have the option of purchasing two different patches after completing the requirements.


July 2018 – Exploring North Carolina
Take time in the summer to explore North Carolina! This patch program is designed to increase girls’ knowledge of our state, its history, and resources. It offers a variety of fun activities and travel opportunities across the state. The Exploring North Carolina patch program will retire in fall 2018 so this is the last chance to participate in the program.


August 2018 – North Carolina History* 

Dive into North Carolina’s history with this new GS – NCCP patch program! Girls will learn about state and local history through activities and challenges in this patch program. The program will be released online in the summer of 2018!

* Patch programs marked with an asterisk are not currently on the website, but will be added shortly before they are Patch of the Month.


Patch Program FAQ: 

How does a troop or Girl Scout earn a GS – NCCP patch?

Each patch program packet on the website has the requirements, activity instructions, and resources need to earn the patch.

 Where are patches placed on Girl Scout uniforms?

Patches are not part of the GSUSA badge curriculum, so they are to be worn on the back of a vest/sash/tunic.

 Where are the requirements for the GS – NCCP patch programs?

GS – NCCP patch programs are found on the council website.


If you have questions about one of our patch programs, email the Program Team at

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