Have a Girl Scout Summer!

Happy summer, Girl Scouts! School may be out, but the adventures never end when you’re a Girl Scout! Whether you are staying home this summer with your family, traveling to a new destination, or enjoying free-time with your friends, we hope you are finding new ways to explore, learn, and strengthen your Girl Scout skills this summer break. Check out some of our Girl Scout summer suggestions below to stay in the loop:

  1. Girl Scout Summer Camp

Soak up the sun and all of the fun at Girl Scout Summer Camp 2022! Spend a week in the outdoors exploring, learning new skills, and going on endless adventures with your Girl Scout sisters. Enjoy resident camp with friends at Camp Mary Atkinson and Camp Graham, or reserve a troop/group camping trip at Camp Hardee! No matter what your camping experience looks like this summer, we’re sure you’ll have a blast!

2. Not a Bummer Summer Patch Challenge

The Not a Bummer Summer Challenge offers girls of all ages an opportunity to expand their Girl Scout experience to include some summer fun! Whether solo or with friends, girls stay true to their Girl Scout roots by discovering, connecting, and taking-action in various summer themed activities.  Simply complete at least five activities from each category between June 1 and August 31st to earn the Not a Bummer Summer Challenge patch. Take pictures and submit them to us throughout the challenge for a chance to be featured on our social media!

3. Start a Service Project

If there’s one thing Girl Scouts know how to do, it’s make the world a better place! This summer, find a local community issue that you are passionate about and start a service project. You can complete this on your own, or with your friends, family, or troop! Some project ideas might include: starting a food drive, planting flowers at a local garden, or starting a trash pick-up in your community. Submit photos of your amazing work to us to be featured!

4. Find a New Outdoor Hobby

Want to learn how to fly a kite? Take up a new sport? No matter what you’ve been wanting to learn, there is no better time than summer break to gain new skills and hobbies. Ask a trusted adult for help with learning your new hobby, gather the equipment you need, and get to it! You can even share your new hobby with a friend and teach them what you’ve learned.

5. Get Started on your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award

Interested in becoming a highest awards recipient this upcoming membership year? Summer is the perfect time to get started on brainstorming for your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award! Get together with your Girl Scout sisters or family members and plan your project. Start with listing out general topics that interest you, narrow them down, and plan out what it would take to complete each idea. We cannot wait to see what you will come up with, and know that you will make a huge impact!

No matter where you are this break, there are plenty of ways to have a Girl Scout summer! For more info on summer camp, patch activities, highest awards, and more visit our website today. We hope you have a great summer break, Girl Scouts!

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