Illuminating Impact: Gadget Girls of Troop #4816

Think of how much the world has changed in your lifetime. Some of those changes are positive, like new technologies and medical advances. Others present urgent new challenges, such as cybercrime and the impacts of climate change. Most of those shifts have something in common: their answer lies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) … Continue reading Illuminating Impact: Gadget Girls of Troop #4816

Donor Appreciation Week 2022 : Girl Scouts Just want to have fun!

Every October, we celebrate a vital group of people who make everything we do at Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines possible: our donors. These champions of girl ambition generously give back to ensure all Girl Scouts can grow, explore, and lead. This year, we are celebrating donors who empower Girl Scouts to explore, … Continue reading Donor Appreciation Week 2022 : Girl Scouts Just want to have fun!

Have a Girl Scout Summer!

Happy summer, Girl Scouts! School may be out, but the adventures never end when you're a Girl Scout! Whether you are staying home this summer with your family, traveling to a new destination, or enjoying free-time with your friends, we hope you are finding new ways to explore, learn, and strengthen your Girl Scout skills … Continue reading Have a Girl Scout Summer!

2020-21 Daisy’s Dozen Troops

When Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Lowe began our Movement almost 110 years ago, she had a vision of creating a space where girls could be themselves, learn positive values, and have fun! Today, our council honors her vision through the Daisy's Dozen Troop Assessment Program. Through this program, we ensure that Girl Scouts are receiving an … Continue reading 2020-21 Daisy’s Dozen Troops

2021 Fall Product Program

Fall will be here before we know it, and at Girl Scouts, that means it's time for our Fall Product Program! During the Fall Product Program, Girl Scouts can sell nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions to help earn some startup funds for their troop and practice their business skills! Girl Scouts can participate individually or … Continue reading 2021 Fall Product Program

How to Start a Girl Scout Troop

We're ready to press play on endless adventures with Girl Scouts! As we prepare for a year filled with new opportunities for girls to grow and thrive, we are looking for awesome adults to join us as their cheerleaders and mentors along the way! Are you a passionate advocate for girls, looking to empower them … Continue reading How to Start a Girl Scout Troop