World Thinking Day 2022

On Tuesday February 22nd, 2022, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across the globe celebrate World Thinking Day. Since 1926, World Thinking Day has served as a day for girls to connect, share, and promote change on a variety of issues that matter to them. Impacting 150 countries, World Thinking Day provides funding to over 10 million Girl Scouts and Guides around the world.

This year, the theme for World Thinking Day is “Our World, Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender Equality”, encouraging participants to seek change in relation to environmental impacts and equal opportunities. The best part is, we want you to be a part of it! Check out our suggestions below to discover how you can participate in #WTD2022, and how to do your part to make the world a better place.

5 ways you can participate this World Thinking Day:

  1. Donate to the World Thinking Day Fund

Since 1932, the World Thinking Day Fund has fundraised for current global issues for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world. The fund collects coins from members across the globe to aide in supporting fellow Girl Scouts and Guides in need. All donations help fund the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scout’s global impact, and every penny counts! Donate to the World Thinking Day Fund today!

2. Earn your World Thinking Day 2022 Award

Earn your World Thinking Day 2022 Award and Patch on your own or with your troop this year! This year’s activities include exploring the meaning of World Thinking Day, finding out about climate change, investigating why plants and trees need protecting, and committing to a brighter future. For a full list of activities for each Girl Scout level, click the links below.

WTD Activity Guide for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors

WTD Activity Guide for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors

3. Learn from a Global Leader

The Peace Corps is a program that sends American volunteers to work in other countries to tackle a variety of global issues. Their website offers an amazing resource for Girl Scouts and other groups to invite a returned Peace Corps volunteer to speak and teach about their experiences. Curious about what Girl Scouts do in other countries? What their cultures are like and how they differ? This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and discover what life is like for girls around the world. Visit their website today to plan your global leader connection. If you aren’t able to find a returned Peace Corps volunteer in your community, talk to your troop leader about other organizations you might connect with.

4. Write to a Pen Pal

One of the best ways to celebrate World Thinking Day is to connect with and understand Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in different countries around the world. With the many cultural differences that countries face, it can often be difficult to understand international issues that may not be present in our country. We encourage you to find a pen pal and write to them this World Thinking Day! Some questions you can ask might include “what is Girl Scouts like in your country?” or “what are your favorite activities and hobbies?”. Connect with your troop leader or a member of our council to get in touch with a pen pal!

5. Make a Presentation for your Troop or Community

Spreading the word about World Thinking Day and this year’s goals of addressing climate change and gender equality is one of the best ways you can get involved locally. Create a presentation for your troop, group, or community organization that highlights what you have learned about this year’s theme. Whether you learned about protecting the environment, supporting Girl Scouts and Guides globally, or trends in gender inequality, your presentation will show your community all the amazing things you have discovered, and encourage them to make a difference too! For World Thinking Day resources and topics visit the WAGGGS website.

To learn more about World Thinking Day 2022 and for additional resources, visit our website today!

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