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Girl Scouts do pretty amazing things. From serving the people in their communities, to protecting the environment and becoming activist’s for the causes that matter to them, there is nothing a Girl Scout can’t do. That is why we love hearing your Girl Scout stories, in hopes that the sparks lit by amazing girls and women will inspire others to share their light with the world. Check out some of the fun Girl Scout stories we have gathered below that are sure to make you smile!

Troop #1829

Troop #1829 is a multi-level with Girl Scouts in levels Daisy, Brownie, and Junior. As part of their “Think Like an Engineer” journey, they decided to build a rollercoaster to test out their skills! The girls had a blast planning and constructing the roller coaster. They enjoyed taking turns dropping the ball down the coaster and watching their idea come to life!

Leilah M.

Girl Scout Daisy Leilah joined Troop #2197 and attended her first Girl Scout event! The picture shows Leilah at a fall kickoff where she met new friends. She even was able to go on a hike, play games and sing songs! There was so much love and excitement in Leilah’s heart at this event. Leilah and her family want to recognize all the volunteers who made this event happen, she can’t wait for the next one!

Troop #2128

Girl Scout Troop #2128 is a multi-level troop in Raleigh with Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies! A few of the girls had a blast selling cookies at their cookie booth! They were so excited that Cookie Monster made an appearance and helped them with their cookie sales!

Troop #765

Troop #765 is a multi-level troop with Girl Scouts in levels Brownie, Junior, and Cadette. As part of their Citizen Science Journey, the girls chose to create an educational display about Citizen Science at Rolesville Elementary School. The girls worked together to come up with the idea and design then broke into smaller groups to create the display. The end result is a wonderful display about Who is & What is a Citizen Scientist, how to join SCISTARTER.ORG to find a project, and finally, an example showing the Ant Picnic project that the troop completed last month!

Kitana R. and Serenity R.

Kitana R. completed her silver award and has bridged to Senior alongside her little sister Serenity R. who completed her Bronze Award. For their projects the girls raised funds to purchase and decorate 500 unique adult and youth sized masks for organizations in need across the state of North Carolina. They wanted to help and show as many people as possible that they are cared for during this global crisis by giving masks and educational materials to children’s homes, refugees new to NC, homeless families, and hospitalized pediatric patients. With leftover funds, the girls donated 75 hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes to the Wake County nonprofit FedUp Food Distribution. The girls hope to continue to spread their message using the hashtag #GirlScoutMadeMask.

Zoe S. Troop #73

Girl Scout Daisy Zoe was so excited to sell cookies for her first time this cookie season! She is in love with the cookie selling experience and was thrilled to get out in her community. Zoe said she wants to find a way to make cookie selling a full profession, in true Girl Scout style!

Carteret County

Girl Scouts in Carteret County had a blast at their 2022 Cookie Rally! With over 70 girls in attendance, the girls had a fantastic time playing games called Money Matters, learning how to create an elevator pitch, working on a goal setting koala craft, playing safety BINGO, learning about the Buy 5 Certificate and writing letters and cards for military members as a part of Operation Cookie Drop!

Girl Scouts- North Carolina Coastal Pines would like to thank the troops and Girl Scouts above for sharing their stories with us. It is stories like these that show the impact a Girl Scout can have on her community, and on the world. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit your entry here .

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