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World Thinking Day

March 5, 2018


Connect, grow, and impact, Girl Scouts! On Saturday, February 24th, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across the globe did just that during an event recognizing World Thinking Day (celebrated February 22), an annual celebration of international friendship and sisterhood. World Thinking Day has been a Girl Scout tradition since 1926, and is celebrated by girls from 146 different countries!

This year’s World Thinking Day theme was “Impact”, and focused on what it means to make an impact on the world. Girls explored the impact they could make on both people in other cultures and the environment! Being a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) means taking action through service to those in need and to our planet, and World Thinking Day served as the perfect opportunity to discover the amazing differences that girls can make across the globe.


Girl Scouts of all ages and backgrounds gathered at Camp Mary Atkinson for our council’s own special celebration, and troops had the opportunity to teach and learn about another country’s customs, traditions, and values. Each troop represented a different country, and spent time researching at troop meetings before the event. The Girl Scouts used their expertise to decorate a booth reflecting their country, and facilitated an activity to teach other girls about it!

Girl Scouts traveled “the globe” going from activity to activity learning about the lives of girls across the world. A variety of countries were represented, including India, South Africa, Ireland, the Bahamas, and many more! At the booths, the girls provided cultural representations of their countries such as clothing and food. What fun!

Girls also worked together to create a large hand print craft representing how girls can leave their mark on the world. Each girl had the opportunity to decorate a hand print, showing that each individual G.I.R.L. can make a big difference if she lends a helping hand.World thinking handprint

Girl Scouts are all part of an incredible group of women who make the world a better place, and World Thinking day is a fun and immersive celebration of this global sisterhood.

How did you celebrate culture and impact on World Thinking Day, Girl Scouts? Share with us and get your badge here!


World Thinking Day 2016 Inspires Girl Scouts to Connect Around the World

February 15, 2016

World Thinking Day 2016

By Tara Rappleye, Program Director

A day of international friendship, February 22 is a special day for both Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. While providing an opportunity to connect with 10 million Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in over 140 countries, World Thinking Day is the also the perfect time to learn about and celebrate other cultures, while raising awareness about important issues facing girls and women all over the world.

At the 1926 International Conference of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, held at our own Camp Edith Macy, the idea of World Thinking Day was born. The bond between Girl Scouts and Girl Guides was then and remains to this day one of global sisterhood. With this in mind, the delegates chose February 22 in honor of the shared birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts and his wife, Olave Baden-Powell, the founder of Girl Guides.

Ninety years later, the theme for World Thinking Day is “Connect.”  Noted American author and scholar, Brene’ Brown writes, “Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.”  Girl Scouts are encouraged to create this positive energy by participating in World Thinking Day activities that explore the connections among their individual selves, their friends and the world. Here are a few examples:

  1. Connect with me: To make a difference in the world and in others’ lives we need to be confident and happy. Make sure you take time on World Thinking Day to connect with yourself! Younger Girl Scouts can draw pictures of themselves doing something each girl is good at or something she loves about herself. Have the girls share their masterpieces with their troop. Always clap/snap when someone shares their drawing. It is important to affirm others for what they love about themselves! For older Girl Scouts, meditation is a great way to relax and de-stress. This mindful practice allows you to spend quality time with yourself, relaxing and de-stressing, which makes a happier you! Here is a quick guide to meditation.
  2. Connect with friends: Connection and friendship go hand-in-hand. Without true and meaningful connection we can’t be happy in our friendships. Connect with someone you care about by making a friendship stick. Share it with a troop member or a friend you want to invite to join Girl Scouts!
  3. Connect with the world: World Thinking Day is a time to think about your friends and community locally and globally. Younger Girl Scouts can try playing a game from another country. Check out these great games for a start! Older Girl Scouts can complete the Beauty around the World activity in the Free Being Me Patch Program (pg. 8). Explore and discuss the differences in beauty standards around the world, but also how all women everywhere deal with these expectations.

How will you celebrate World Thinking Day? Don’t forget to share your World Thinking activities and fun experiences using the hashtag #connect10million.

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