How to Start a Girl Scout Troop

We’re ready to press play on endless adventures with Girl Scouts! As we prepare for a year filled with new opportunities for girls to grow and thrive, we are looking for awesome adults to join us as their cheerleaders and mentors along the way! Are you a passionate advocate for girls, looking to empower them as they develop confidence and leadership skills? Do you want to spend quality time with your girl, and support her and her friends as they discover their dreams and passions? Well, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

A troop co-leader serves as a champion for a Girl Scout troop by planning meetings, badgework, and activities alongside their girls. Girl Scouts is girl-led, meaning girls should play an active role in choosing what they do and their leader guides them in the process! As a Girl Scout troop leader, you fill important roles in your girls’ lives: fearless leader, empowering role model, and innovative event organizer, among others. Our troop co-leaders play such a pivotal role in our Movement, and if you join us you will make an impact on girls that will last for years to come.

Interested in starting your own Girl Scout troop? Here are the steps:

  1. Request a troop number.

Express your interest in starting a troop by filling out our form! Select your area, when you want to meet, and the age level of your troop! After you submit, someone will contact you to help you get started.

2. Complete your membership.

Register as a Girl Scout volunteer on My GS! A membership costs $25 and lasts for that year.

3. Build your troop.

As girls in your age level and area register for Girl Scouts, they will have the option to join your troop. You can also spread the word and invite friends to join your troop in My GS!

4. Complete your online training.

We want our Girl Scout volunteers to feel as prepared as possible! Learn more about required trainings, resources, and enrichments on our Troop Co-leaders page.

5. Open your troop bank account.

Our Troop Banking page has a variety of resources detailing our troop financial policies, record keeping and annual reporting, and more. New troops can use our account set-up form to request a bank account.

6. Get ready for your first troop meeting.

This is the best part! Begin planning your first troop meetings using the Volunteer Toolkit in My GS. The Volunteer Toolkit is your official source for delivering easy, fun troop meetings year-round! 

Learn more about becoming a troop co-leader on our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Learning and Development team with any questions about this awesome role!

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