2021 High Achievers Club

From their first cookie season, Girl Scouts learn the power of goal setting, one of the 5 key skills of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Whether that goal is selling a certain number of boxes or earning one of our entrepreneurship badges, each one is important and helps guide and motivate Girl Scouts throughout the program. A popular goal among our Girl Scouts is joining the ranks of the High Achievers Club! Once girls sell 5,000 boxes of cookies or more throughout their time as Girl Scouts, they become part of the club. Members of the club receive their very own plaque to recognize their achievement, as well as a personalized letter of recommendation from our council CEO, Lisa Jones.

The 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program was like no other, and Girl Scouts went above and beyond to strategize new and innovative ways to sell cookies. In addition to goal setting, the other key skills are decision making, people skills, money management, and business ethics, and Girl Scouts did an incredible job of practicing these while keeping themselves and their customers safe. Over the course of their cookie careers, our High Achievers have proved their mastery of these skills and that anything is possible for a girl boss!

See below for the 2021 High Achievers Club! We are so proud of you for all you have achieved through the Girl Scout Cookie Program!


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Jasmine T.10006,202


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Judith W.3655,407


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Valerie L.48136,682
Natalia L.15366,825
Jayleena G.153620,301


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Loreta Q.9935,000
Alexus B.18045,260
Rebekka F.21225,340
Amber J.18045,959
Karissa T.38886,180
Zoey L.180410,138


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Jasmine B.39105,141
Shamara H.33305,321


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Chandler C.6505,040
Julia J.6935,143


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Jessica R.40885,073
Kaitlyn G.12115,979


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Satasia H.30235,705
Madelyn B.605,784


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Evelyn T.1115,153
TeAsia M.17945,277
Anntwanette H.8325,281
Elizabeth D.1386,545
Haley E.1388,178
Kamya C.178311,159
Allyson H.178315,228


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Micalynn C.11665,347


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Aislinn-Anne B.137010,342
Sarah S.112610,748


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Diamond G.8195,179
Sera V.8195,274


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Masarra G.41865,057
Kristen C.1985,409
Alisa W.41865,640
Malia B.9795,946


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Tyra F.5305,378
Samantha F.48355,971
Daniella M.483510,756
Cara C.61111,373

New Hanover

Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Samantha W.10435,929
Kristina C.4366,452

Onslow- Camp Lejeune

Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Christian J.13711,689

Onslow- Jacksonville

Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Sarah S.Juliette5,042
Molly D.42985,135
Khloe L.925,604
Madeline H.1025,607
Addison R.5456,440
Cheyanne J.1026,539
Sara B.54510,325
Natalie B.446215,129
Allison B.10224,539


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Katie S.Juliette5,030


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Anna B.36615,091
Carissa D.306310,266
Bailey W.174820,985


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Jazmin L.35885,324
Teagan H.35885,481
Alexandria L.358810,017
Chloe E.3588/700025,591


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Zoey B.7475,650


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Samantha A.31885,003
Morgan S.31885,032
McKenzie B.38645,121
Lilli B.17055,141
Blake H.10755,150
Madilyn B.14515,176
Summer W.18335,252
Carma G.11515,286
Devyn B.45035,302
Kenley M.44375,365
Kiernan K.2105,414
Sabrina W.70005,548
Orion D.2105,783
Jessica B.4275,800
Gabrielle T.465,953
Elizabeth B.34887,127
Sara J.1337,742
Nikki B.50010,316
Katherine S.21011,011
Mackenzie B.13311,592
Simisola C.482412,569
Kaitlyn C.100415,170


Girl NameTroop NumberTotal Sales
Sophia K.1095,032
Hayleigh C.43965,145
Alyssa V.2495,555
Mattisen R.24910,346
Jamilla T.110,411
Molly W.193615,988

Learn more about the High Achievers Club and our other cookie recognitions on our website!

2 thoughts on “2021 High Achievers Club

  1. Debbie Rouse says:

    I always try to support the Girl Scout cookie sales
    These young ladies do an awesome job of delivering the best tasting cookies and also giving us a great
    variety .
    I am proud of all the Girl Scouts, but one in particular because she is my High Achiever in so
    many things…! Congratulations to my granddaughter Malia B. for making the High Achievers Club list and for being the top seller in Lenoir County .

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