Become Civically Engaged With Girl Scouts

Taking civic action is one of the best ways to make the world a better place, and at Girl Scouts we know that every girl’s voice can make a difference and that every girl should be heard! If girls learn the importance of being informed and developing opinions from an early age, they can build the confidence they need to take a stand for their beliefs and make informed decisions when they are eligible to vote.

In celebration (and preparation!) of the upcoming Election Day, check out some of our awesome programs created to teach girls about the election process, how women fought for their right to vote, and how they can inspire others to vote!

  1. NEW Democracy Badges

This year we released Civics badges for Girl Scouts of all ages to prepare them to lead change in their town, state, and country. Through the badges, girls learn how the government works, research laws and how they are created, explore the electoral college process, and more. With activities like creating a clay Capitol building and exploring how the Supreme Court came to a certain decision, these badges make learning about the government fun.

2. Centennial of Suffrage Patch Program

Did you know that 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote? Our Patch of the Month for October is the Explore Women’s Suffrage in North Carolina patch program. Despite the hard work of women (and men too!), the amendment did not grant voting rights for all, specifically women of color. In this patch girls explore the history, challenges, and accomplishments of those who fought for this basic right of citizenship for women. It can also be completed completely virtually!

3. Promote the Vote

Join our national service project, Promote the Vote! We all have a role in helping people exercise their right to participate in the democratic process, including in this challenging time of COVID-19. This project encourages Girl Scouts to get involved even if they aren’t old enough to vote by sharing the importance of voting with others, share key information with the public, post about voting on social media (make sure to tag @girlscouts and @gsnccp). Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can register and pre-register to vote.

Learn more about the Centennial of Suffrage and different ways that girls can get involved on our website!

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