5 Creative Ways to Get Outside this Summer

While this summer might look different there are still plenty of ways to make new memories and stay connected with mother nature. Check out these 5 creative ways to get outside this summer while social distancing!

  1. Visit a state park. Currently most trails and some campsites at state parks are open. Whether you’re going for a day or making a weekend trip out of it, the parks offer the perfect opportunity to get outside and spend some quality time in nature. Best of all they’re completely free to the public. To plan your trip and check out the latest park guidelines visit the North Carolina State Parks website.

2. Outdoor scavenger hunt. You don’t need to travel far to create summer memories outside, your own backyard is the perfect location! Create your own scavenger hunt by having a grown up hide various items around your neighborhood or by creating a list of different items to find in nature!

3. Stargazing. Missing camp this summer? Turn your backyard into your own personal campsite and take some time looking up at the stars. Whether you sleep under the stars all night or just appreciate their beauty for a few minutes this is the perfect was to earn the stargazing patch!

4. Gardening. Spend time outside and learn a new life skill by creating your own garden this summer! Sit down and plan what type of plants you want to grow, from vegetables to flowers the opportunities are endless. And for all our Girl Scout Juniors, you can even earn the Junior Gardener Badge!

5. Visit a farmers market. If creating your own garden isn’t your cup of tea, then try checking out your local farmers market. Not only is this a great way to get outside and find fresh foods but you’ll be supporting local business as well!

For more ideas on how to make this summer awesome check out this Raising Awesome Girls blog.

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