Happy Bridging, Girl Scouts!

Important milestones in girls’ journeys through Girl Scouts should be celebrated by the troop, family, and friends – and one of the ways to celebrate your Girl Scout is through a Bridging Ceremony! A bridging ceremony (or “bridging”) is a ceremony honoring and celebrating a Girl Scout’s graduating to the next Girl Scout level! Need some last minute inspiration? We are here to help! Check out our ideas below to help celebrate your girls and their accomplishments at their current level while sending them on for success in their next!


The more the merrier!

So many people have been involved in your girls’ Girl Scout journey – from coaches, to teachers, to volunteers! Get family members and your community involved to share this important moment with close friends and any other special guests the girls wish to invite! Be sure to recognize these individuals at the ceremony – even a simple thank you goes a long way towards showing how much someone’s help and support is appreciated!


Have the girls lead the way!

Plan your bridging ceremony with the girls celebrating! Get the girls help in inviting guests, deciding on a location for a ceremony, and planning the fun details on how they’d like to celebrate moving forward. Ask for your Girl Scouts help in choosing what songs, poems, or readings they want to include in the ceremony and share some favorite memories from the past year! It’s their time to shine – the only question is how they want to do it!


Have fun with it!

Last but, not least – just have fun with it! Your girls have worked hard all year –  they’ve earned a celebration! Bridging ceremonies are an awesome opportunity for Girl Scouts to acknowledge their successes as they move forward, and there’s tons of room to get creative with how your troop expresses their successes. Consider a theme party for your bridging ceremony, or some fun games and a dessert!


Learn more about the importance of Bridging Ceremonies or check out our Girl Scout Bridging Kits at http://www.nccoastalpines.com. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, Girl Scouts!

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