Winter Fun in the Great Outdoors

With the 2019 Summer Fun Guide now available (check it out here!), we cannot stop thinking about all the adventures that await outside! But the outdoor fun doesn’t have to wait until the summer… there are so many activities that can be done in the winter , too. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, monthly outdoor exposure contributes to girls’ challenge seeking and problem solving– so grab your jackets, mittens, and scarves, and get outside, Girl Scouts!

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities to do in the winter!

  1. Make a meal over the campfire.                                                                                                             There is nothing better than a delicious meal prepared over the campfire! Build a fire and whip up some hot dogs, hamburgers, or vegetables! And don’t forget to finish off with a s’more.


     2. Create a winter scavenger hunt.

Make up a scavenger hunt with your friends with things you can only find in the winter! From searching for a pine cone to spotting a winter berry, the possibilities are endless and you are sure to have tons of fun!


     3. Work on your photography skills.

There are so many beautiful sites to see in the winter, especially if it snows! Grab a camera and capture some of the beautiful winter scenery around your house!


   4. Plant a winter garden.

Did you know that there are some plants that thrive in the cold? Research winter plants and build your own garden with things like onions, spinach, and carrots! Perfect for soup, yum!


   5. Make an obstacle course.

Keep warm by getting active with an obstacle course! Get a group together and arrange obstacles to go around or activities that can be completed and see who can finish first.


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