Top 5 Reasons to be a Girl Scout in High School

By Caraline Malloy                                                                                                                                                              Girl Scout Ambassador, Girl Member of the Council Board, and Media Girl

There is definitely a big transition from being a middle school to a high school student. With high school comes more challenging coursework and an ample amount of responsibilities. Keeping these new factors in mind, it’s no surprise that you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of your capability to tackle the feats you might encounter in high school. However, in the “I can’t” moments, always remember “I CAN.” Being a Girl Scout during your high school years will help to instill this confidence within you.

As a senior in high school, I have faced many of the challenges I mentioned earlier; yet, participating in Girl Scouts has truly helped me to conquer such obstacles successfully. That’s why I’m sharing with you the Top 5 Reasons YOU should be a Girl Scout in high school! High school can sometimes be a bumpy ride, but Girl Scouts can help you travel it much more smoothly.


  1. You realize you are unlimited in your capabilities.

I was very shy growing up, but participating in activities like cookie booths, rallies, community service, and earning badges really helped me to overcome my social anxieties and to build confidence in myself and my abilities. Once upon a time, I used to let fear determine what I could and couldn’t do. Because I was so afraid of speaking in front of others, I wrongly thought I wasn’t strong enough to be a leader or to hold leadership positions. However, being a Girl Scout has taught me that I am strong, smart, and resilient.

Girl Scouts help girls realize their unlimited potential. You are capable of being the Student Body President, creating your own club at school, and making great grades. Many Girl Scout alumna are lawyers, business-owners, CEOs, doctors, scientists, engineers— the list goes on. Our intelligent alumna are strong, powerful women who accredit their success to the Girl Scouts organization. Why you ask? Because Girl Scouts has helped these women to realize that their gender isn’t a barrier for success.

My personal motto is “Use fear as fuel to do better.” Of course, there will be instances in life where you may be afraid or discouraged, but always remember that you are courageous and strong!

IMG_3422 (4)

  1. You create true friendships.

The close relationships you develop with your troop sisters and leaders is one of my favorite things about being a Girl Scout. Sisterhood accurately describes the Girl Scouting experience. High school is a time you need great friendships and a solid support system. Time spent on community service activities, meetings, and sales help to create lifelong friendships with your fellow troop members.

Leaders, alumna, and girl members alike all have the same goal in mind: girls supporting other girls. This is the main reason why Girl Scouts have such strong relationships with each other. We seek to encourage and motivate one another to challenge ourselves so we can achieve our own personal ambitions. You truly become a sister to every Girl Scout!

From such outstanding camaraderie, I have learned to cherish the impact of mutual understanding, loyalty, empathy, and the power of strong, female friendships. If I didn’t have my troop leaders and my troop sisters uplifting me during my formative years, I may not have sought the opportunities I have during high school.

IMG_3443 (3)

3. You have a plethora of opportunities to pursue your passions.

I feel you truly start to realize what your passions and interests are during high school. There’s no better time to pursue whatever activity piques your curiosity. Whether you wish to become a lawyer or a scientist, you can fine-tune the skills necessary for such fields now.

The Girl Scouts organization can serve as a gateway to endless opportunities. LITERALLY. Girl Scouts has programs that can cater to any girl’s interest. If you love writing or showcasing your public speaking skills, join the council’s Media Girlz team. If you’re a nature-lover who enjoys working with younger girls, you should totally become a Program Aid during summer camp. If you’re concerned about issues happening in your community and you have a flair for politics, apply to be a Governor’s Aid. If you’re a problem-solving innovator, you can attend STEM workshops that are available just for Girl Scouts. Participating in any of these amazing activities would serve as a great foundation for future endeavors. Being a Girl Scout truly allows you to have the world at your fingertips, so use those resources wisely!

IMG_3464 (2).JPG

4. You gain the skills needed to succeed in any aspect your life.

Skills, skills, skills! As a Girl Scout, you gain and develop all sorts of new skills, and then teach others to master them as well— Girl Scouts are friendly and helpful! Cookie and Fall Product Sales help you to develop an ample amount of skills: goal setting, financial literacy, people skills, and how to effectively market products to your customers. Even enjoying the outdoors with the Girls Scouts teaches your important life-long skills like teamwork, leadership, and how to use the resources you have properly while outdoors.

These skills are great to have now, but they will also be super beneficial in the future. If you are interested in entering the business world, you’ll have all the entrepreneurship skills needed to thrive. Also, whenever you need to start a fire or cook using few ingredients and tools, you are set to go!

IMG_3459 (1)

5. You can change the world.

YOU have the power to make the world a better place. If there’s an issue happening in your community, research the issue and create a plan to better the cause. That’s the Girl Scout way! Girl Scouts are encouraged to use their abilities to help others. For example, if you enjoy health and fitness, volunteer at your local community center to teach children in your city the key to living a healthier lifestyle. Because you are courageous and strong, you are more than capable of accomplishing your vision for the world. Each year, thousands of high school level Girl Scouts across the nation do exactly that as they earn their Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve.

IMG_3478 (2).JPG

Girl Scouts provides girls of ALL AGES with the courage, confidence, and character that they need to become their best selves– just like Caraline! If you’re ready for a lifetime of fun, friendship, and motivation, join today!

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