Innovators, Unite! TechnoQuest 2018

mainAccording to the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), 77% of girls say that because of Girl Scouts, they are considering a career in technology. Why, do you ask? Easy! Because Girl Scouts provides girls with a supportive all-girl environment  where they feel comfortable learning by doing, making mistakes, and being themselves!

Twice a year, we host our TechnoQuest event where girls unleash their inner innovator and engage in awesome Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities. On November 10th, we held our Raleigh TechnoQuest event at Meredith College with around 150 Girl Scouts in middle and high school in attendance. This event was made possible by Duke Energy, and was an awesome opportunity for girls to network with and learn from female leaders in the STEM fields while discovering new skills and passions.

Girl Scouts attended four different workshops throughout the day which they chose themselves from a list of 15. See below for some highlighted workshops from this year’s TechnoQuest!

Flying Drone Creator


The sky’s the limit when you design, build, and watch your creation take air! During this workshop, Girl Scouts created working drones using LEGO Bricks and adding custom motors, propellers, circuit boards, and wiring to make them take flight!

Potions Class: Exploring the Magic of Polymer Chemistry


Girls that unleashed their inner chemist at this workshop explores chemical reactions responsible for “magical” transformations. They first learned about polymers and how they behave, and then created glowing goo and transformed water into worms. During each experiment, the Girl Scouts set predictions and discussed the reactions that they observed.

Intro to Mechanical Engineering: Catapults-X2


During this workshop, girls learned about simple machines, medieval siege engines, and projectile motion. They then designed catapults and competed to see whose could hurl a ping pong ball the farthest! This exciting, hands-on class was a great introduction to mechanical design and the engineering design process.

Hack Your Hoodie


For this awesome activity, Girl Scouts added a switchable light to a piece of clothing by using conductive thread to connect a circuit containing an LED sequin, a switchable battery holder, and a CR2032 battery. This was an awesome and innovative way for girls to make nighttime walks a little safer!

Interested in trying out your STEM skills at TechnoQuest? Registration for our March 9th TechnoQuest event at East Carolina University opens on January 9th! Learn more on our website.

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