Go for the Gold, Girl Scout!


For over one hundred years, Girl Scouts have successfully answered the call to Go Gold, pursuing an award that indelibly marks them as accomplished members of their communities and the world. Girls Take Action by identifying a problem and leading others in a service project that makes a significant impact in their communities. Gold Award Girl Scouts embody the purpose of the Girl Scout Movement of building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. They are not afraid to take risks, face challenges, and stand up for what they believe in.

So why should you answer the call to Go Gold? Gold Award Girl Scouts graduate from the Girl Scout program with the ability to tackle an issue like no other, and a hunger for making a difference. These are the girls that become the women that change the world. Read below to learn about some of our most recent Gold Award Girl Scouts and why they think that you should Go Gold, too!

Alix Pitney

Alex P., Wake County

“My Girl Scout Gold Award Project was a literacy initiative in my community to help improve reading skills and promote a love and appreciation for reading. I was able to accomplish this by creating a community library that can be easily accessed by those in my community and children’s book clubs. I also created book club meetings that occur every month for elementary-aged students in my neighborhood. At these meetings, children explored new books and advanced their reading, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

This project was important to me because it allowed for me to expand not only upon my leadership skills but it also allowed me to truly work within my community and create a sustaining piece that would last for years to come. Literacy is such a critical issue and I loved working with the children to improve their literacy skills.  It is extremely important to make an impact upon the community and the Girl Scout Gold Award allows for an amazing array of opportunities for girls’ futures in so many ways. I loved having a positive impact in my community!”

Rachel Tucker

Rachel T., Orange County

“My Gold Award Take Action Project was called “Graphing for Career Success” and served the after school program at a local elementary school.  For my project, I created enriching, hands-on graphing activities that are based on North Carolina Curriculum Standards. After school on Thursdays, I led high school volunteers in using these activities to provide graphing enrichment to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  We took the kids outside so they could get their energy out after the graphing activity.  This time also allowed the kids to bond with the high school volunteers.

This project is close to my heart because I served as a mentor to the kids in the program.  Throughout the year, it was rewarding to see the kids develop their graphing skills and social interactions.  Also, I aspire to have a career in mathematics, so tutoring younger kids was a way that I could use my gifts to help others.  I would encourage anyone considering the Gold Award to pursue it wholeheartedly because it benefits the surrounding community and the Girl Scout working toward the award.  I learned about myself through the Gold Award process. I grew in my communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.”Xena Gray

Xena G., Wake County

“For my project, I led self-defense seminars around the community and started a self-defense club at my school. This was really important to me because of my background in martial arts. As I have grown up, my martial arts skills have given me a lot of confidence and discipline that helps me in everything I do but also helps me feel safe when I have to do things on my own.

I really think that more girls should go for Gold because it allowed me to pursue something that I am passionate about and I have seen that with so many other awards in my Girl Scout troop and in my sister’s troop. It helps you with your communication and leadership skills and looks fantastic for college applications especially if you do it about what you’re passionate about and planning to study.”Grace GiskaGrace G., Wake County

“I really loved working on my Gold Award project! My Gold Award project was centered around the creative arts, specifically creative writing and helping middle school students to embrace these skills and use them for their own benefit. I worked closely with a group of dedicated students at Apex Middle School as they developed their art and writing skills through a variety of games and exercises, then assisted them in publishing art and writing they themselves had created or collected from their peers at the school.

My Gold Award project was extremely interactive and it really helped me recognize my passion for helping others and teaching and although the Gold Award is a huge amount of effort I highly recommend it to girls who want to challenge themselves to think outside the box and create something that leaves a uniquely positive impact on their community.”


Gold Award Girl Scouts represent the happiest and most engaged Girl Scout alumnae. Learn more about the Girl Scout Highest Awards on our website.

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