Commemorative Celebrations – February


By: Tara Rappleye, Program Director

While the Girl Scout Cookie Program is well underway – there’s even more to celebrate this month! From American Heart Month to National Random Acts of Kindness Day to World Thinking Day, February is full of amazing commemorative holidays that help enhance your girls’ leadership development!

American Heart Month

February is all about celebrating the heart – from Valentine’s Day to American Heart month, troops can gain greater awareness of of heart disease and how to prevent it all while helping keep those they love most healthy and happy. Here are just a few ways your troop can get heart happy this month:

  • Get Active – Exercising regularly is an important part of preventing heart disease and living a healthy life. Start off your meetings in February with these short activities to get the troop moving and active.
  • Go Red for Women – Heart disease is a a health concern for many women, which is why the Go Red for Women campaign raises awareness for heart disease and how to live a healthy heart life. Show your support of women being active and taking control of their health by wearing red on the first Friday of February (February 3, 2017).

National Random Act of Kindness Day

Starting as early as a Daisy Girl Scout earning the Zinni petal, Girl Scouts learn to be considerate and caring. That kindness carries on through Girl Scouting as girls serve others as part of their Take Action projects and while earning our Highest Awards. February 17 is just another day to show your Girl Scout spirit and do a random act of kindness.

  • Do a Random Act of Kindness – There are so many acts of kindness that you can do for those around you, here are just a few ideas:
    • Pick up litter at a local park
    • Bake desserts for your neighbors or your teachers!
    • Take change to a parking meter
    • Leave nice notes around your town
    • Give a candy bar to your bus driver
    • Talk to someone new at school
    • Help make dinner
    • Smile at everyone
    • Help your sibling with his/her chores
    • Write a thank you note to your parents
    • Leave a note and treat for the mailperson
    • Give out flowers

Chocolate Mint Day

In the world of Girl Scouts, we know that Chocolate Mint Day might as well be called Thin Mint Day, as Thin Mints are the perfect blend of chocolatey goodness and refreshing mint! Celebrate this magnificent combination on February 19 with the following:

  • Sell Thin Mints – Mid-February is the heart of cookie season. Get crafty with your marketing and promote February 19 as Chocolate Mint Day. Share with your customers that the best way to celebrate this day is to snack on a sleeve of Thin Mints. 🙂
  • Tasty Treat– Be sure to celebrate the day with a tasty treat. There are endless chocolate-mint treats for your troop to enjoy on this day. You can go with the Girl Scout classic Thin Mint cookies with milk or dive into a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Find a treat your whole troop will enjoy!

World Thinking Day

Each year Girl Scouts and Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day on February 22. World Thinking Day is a celebration of international friendship and sisterhood. Each year WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) picks a theme for World Thinking Day. The activities suggested by WAGGGS revolve around this year’s theme: “grow.” To learn more about how your troop can “grow” from World Thinking Day this year, check out this informational packet made by WAGGGS.

  • Grow Your Community – Part of earning your World Thinking Day award is growing your community. Share with others in your community why you love Girl Scouts! A simple way you can do this is by inviting a friend to attend a Girl Scout activity. It can be a council-sponsored event, small troop outing, or even a casual Girl Scout troop gathering. Grow your community by sharing the adventures and fun of being a Girl Scout.
  • Grow a Tree – When you plant a tree from a seedling and watch it become a tall, healthy tree, you learn a lot about growth and change. Grab some “seeds of change” and a shovel so you can plant your own tree. If you are a little worried about the weather in February, you can always make a paper tree for your troop to decorate and design.
  • Grow Your Citizenship – To celebrate international sisterhood and friendship, you need to learn about your international sisters and friends. Do the following flag scavenger hunt to learn more about the flags of our fellow WAGGGS members.

Wow, get excited for March because we’ve got quite the lineup of commemorative celebrations!


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