Biking Safely with Clayton Police Department

By Girl Scouts Troop #1859, Johnston County

Girl Scouts Bike SafetyI am the proud Girl Scout Leader of Johnston County’s Troop #1859.   We recently were able to participate in a Bike Rodeo with the Clayton Police Department and had a great time of learning and riding.   I believe Bike Safety is a huge lesson for our girls to be learning and I am very passionate about keeping our girls safe when they are out and about.

A lot of our girls ride their bikes in the road and on the Neuse River Parkway Trails and we, as parents, want to be assured our kids know what to do whether it be stranger danger, wearing helmets, getting lost, getting hurt or if their bike breaks down.

As a Girl Scout Leader, I get the privilege of seeing the enjoyment and excitement of my Troops’ faces each time we step out on one of our new adventures.

– Ms. Lisa, leader of Girl Scout Troop #1859

Bike Safety - Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal PinesHere’s what my Girl Scouts had to say about the experience:

I love the Clayton Police because they protect me.  – Ashley

I had fun and we learned about staying safe.  – Marissa

I like to be a Girl Scout because I get to do new activities, meet new friends and learn new things.  – Callie

I learned that you have to wear the right clothing when going bike riding, like bright clothes to be seen easier. It’s also important to have reflectors on your bike, especially when it’s dark. – Maia

I love being a Girl Scout because of all the fun activities, getting to sell cookies and the chance to earn patches.  I also get to make new friends.  – Isabella

I thought it was awesome riding with the officers, making sure her bike was safe and riding on the greenway since she had never been before.  Great time! – Caroline, Troop #974

And we also had the honor of being featured in the new Public Safety Tips video with the Clayton Police Department.  Click here to see our debut.

What lessons are you sharing with your Girl Scout Troop?  What was your latest adventure?

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