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Girl Perspectives: Making the World a Better Place (Aleeyah)

July 24, 2017

Girl Scout Alleyah shares her story on earning her Girl Scout Silver Award.


By Aleeyah W., Girl Scout

I am an Ambassador Girl Scout and I have greatly enjoyed my participation in Girl Scouts over the last 9 years. My experience has been wonderful and has included hard work. While being a Girl Scout, I have earned a lot of badges and numerous cookie recognitions.  I earned my Girl Scout Silver Award and have had opportunities to travel as well as go camping in the wilderness. I have had the opportunity to attend summer leadership, science and cooking camps and for a couple of years now I have been an assistant leader on Monday evenings to a Daisy troop – I love it! I have made so many sisters in Girl Scouts.

My accomplishments while earning my Girl Scout Silver Award made the world a better place. I conducted an afterschool reading program at a local daycare in my community. Reading makes us smarter. It is a vigorous exercise for the brain and helps us to understand the world around us. The children who attended liked reading to me, and I loved reading them their favorite books. When I had time, I would check out additional books from our local library on topics they enjoyed such as plants and animals. We even made crafts, such as coloring dinosaur eggs. All of them had great imaginations. When we’d go outside to play, they’d recite the alphabet which is the first step in learning to read. I also collected and refurbished books donated by members of my community to give to them.

Last summer I attended counselor in training camp at Camp Mary Atkinson where I received the camp name Reese and enjoyed activities such as canoeing and archery. And over the years I’ve learned so much during cookie season – to smile, count money back and of course ask everyone to buy cookies. In the fall I will be a senior in high school. It is something I am happy about, but sadly it will also be my last year as an Ambassador. But it will not be my last year as a Girl Scout – Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout.

My goal is to one day become a reading teacher and hopefully someday I will also be a Girl Scout leader where I can teach girls to make the world a better place and to inspire young girls to be the best they can be. I could not have accomplished all I have in Girl Scouts alone and I appreciate everyone, troop leaders and family, who have helped me along the way.

What a great story! Thanks for sharing, Aleeyah! To join in sharing your Girl Scout story, visit our story submissions page!


What did you do today?

May 15, 2017

By: Kristin Vickery, Volunteer and Donor

“What did you do today?” It’s a line from a Girl Scout campaign from a few years ago that resonates with my Girl Scouts experience – especially as it relates to camp and the outdoors.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go rock climbing at an old quarry with a group of high school and college aged Girl Scouts.  Months away from my 50th birthday, I never would have imagined myself scaling a 30+ foot wall of rock on a blustery Saturday in March.  The day was filled with team building, perseverance, encouragement, and challenge – so many of the positive things I associate with my Girl Scout experience.

A Girl Scout from first grade through twelfth grade, I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award during my senior year of high school, and then became involved in Girl Scouts again 15 years ago when our oldest daughter became a Brownie. I have served as troop leader, on my area service unit team, and have been event director for area and council events.  My husband and I are also facilitators for several American Red Cross classes. We love offering opportunities for girls, adults, and troops to step out of comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Girl Scouts is all about challenge and there are so many different ways that girls are challenged while at camp. I never had the opportunity to go to summer camp as a child, so as an adult leader taking girls to group camp, I’ve realized what an important experience it is.  The girls who went to group camp with us met new people, learned how to get along with others, tried new activities like archery and sailing – and most of all –  grew in confidence and independence. Today’s Girl Scouts have so many adventures available to them.  Have you looked through the camp guide?  Canoeing, kayaking, archery, and hiking are available at all our camps.  Girls can sail at Camp Graham and Camp Hardee and can ride horses or challenge themselves on the Alpine Tower at Camp Mary Atkinson.  There are offsite adventures including trekking with llamas, whitewater rafting, a two-day canoe adventure, surfing, and climbing natural rock faces… I wish I could go!

These adventures are amazing fun, but they lay a foundation that extends far beyond the camp setting.  When our scouts challenge themselves by participating in outdoor activities they build confidence in their ability to do more than they thought they could.  This confidence is often parlayed into a willingness and ability to effect change in the community as girls embark on “Take Action” projects. Girl Scouts fosters a passion for service and helping others, and the camp and outdoor experiences available to them build the courage and confidence needed to take that passion from idea to reality.

I challenge you to consider donating your time or talent (or both) to Girl Scouts.  It is an investment in our future and the future of Girl Scouting.

Join Kristin and the hundreds of others who invest in girls and our camp programs. Make your gift today!

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