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You Know You Are a Girl Scout Cookie Volunteer When…

December 11, 2015

You know you are a Girl Scout Cookie Volunteer when…

1. You are inserting your planned orders in SNAP at 11:59 p.m. every Sunday…



2. You recognize this look on customer faces when they realize it’s Girl Scout cookie time…


3. You can’t resist opening just “one more box” of your favorite Girl Scout cookie…


4. You have neighbors knocking on your door at all times of the day because they’ve heard Girl Scout cookies are back…


5. You think of seasons in term of Spring, Summer, Fall, Cookies…


6. You get REALLY excited every time you troubleshoot your own issues on SNAP…



7. Your troop or area meets the 2016 cookie goals and you’re ready to celebrate!!!



Let’s Go On a Walkabout

January 13, 2015

By Amy Vitale, Product Sales Manager


Who can resist our esteemed sweet treats when a Girl Scout is at their front door with their favorite cookies?! Not me! Door-to-door sales remains one of the most effective ways to sell cookies. In a recent national study, 78% of those customers who were not approached during a cookie sale stated they would have purchased 2-4 boxes if asked.

Problem solved. Girl Scout Walkabouts to the rescue!

What’s a Girl Scout Walkabout? What are other ways to sell in my neighborhood?

Keep reading to learn more….

  • Walkabouts – A Girl Scout(s) or Girl Scout troop walks the neighborhood selling cookies door-to-door in a residential area with adult supervision.
  • Rolling Sale – Pile up cookies in a wagon and sell directly to customers in residential areas with adult supervision.
  • Cookie Stand – A “lemonade” type stand a Girl Scout can set up on her own property (i.e., in front of her house) to sell cookies. Helpful hint: check with home owners’ associations for any needed permits.
  • Caravan – Girl Scouts sell door-to-door in a residential area while supervising adults follow in a car with the cookies.

Decided on your strategy for selling directly – now what? Here are our answers to some frequent questions:

Can I have a Rolling Sale, Walkabout, or Caravan in a shopping center, park or other public area? No. In order to maintain good relationships with property managers, stores, and to be fair, only booth sales are allowed in non-residential areas. All booth sales must be coordinated through your Booth Manager.

Can we do a Rolling Sale, Walkabout, or Caravan as a troop at one of our meetings? Yes! What a fun outing for your troop and a great way to help girls reach their goals!

Can we do a Walk-About, Rolling Sale, Cookie Stand, and Caravan as a family? Yes! Girl Scouts embraces family involvement.

Now that you are ready for your Walkabout, let’s make the most of it!

  • Map out neighborhoods for your Walkabout and check them off as you walk them.
  • Decorate your wagon or cart for your Rolling Sale to create excitement in the neighborhood.
  • Decorate a Cookie Stand with posters, balloons, and other eye catching items.
  • Decorate your Caravan with washable markers to let everyone know it is an official Girl Scout Cookie Car!

To kick off Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ 2015 Cookie Sale , we are hosting Walkabout Week January 17-23. In addition to an awesome Walkabout patch available in our council shops, we will be hosting a Walkabout Week Contest on our council Facebook page. Five $20 Cookie Dough cards will be given away, so don’t forget to visit our Facebook page during Walkabout Week!

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