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Get Eclipsed, Girl Scouts!

July 11, 2017


Girl Scouts, grab your safety glasses and your viewing maps and get ready to get eclipsed! On August 21, we will have a rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of the sun light’s path, making it dark in the middle of the day. The total eclipse will cross the entire country, giving Girl Scouts from all over the opportunity to take a look– something that hasn’t happened since 1918!  Total solar eclipses are super cool because they allow us to look directly at the sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona. Because of this, many scientific findings have taken place as a result of a total solar eclipse. How awesome is that?

The solar eclipse is the perfect way to get together with your fellow Girl Scouts to explore our solar system and witness a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence– and you can earn a fun solar eclipse patch! To help you prepare for the experience, we have put together some great learning suggestions and we have awesome tools so you can make the most of the event!

Here are some great suggestions of ways to learn  about this astronomical phenomenon:

  • Eclipse Demonstration – Using simple objects from home create a solar eclipse. Here are two experiment options to choose from: orange and clay model and apple and pencil model.
  • Watch the Eclipse – Step outside on August 21st to view this amazing sight. It is important to be safe when viewing a solar eclipse. Watch this video to follow the guidelines provided by experts.
  • Make a Pinhole Projector – With objects found at home you can make a tool to help you view the solar eclipse on August 21. Watch this video for step by step instructions to make a pinhole projector.
  • Attend our Solar Eclipse Party at Camp Mu-Sha-Ni! Full of hands-on events and a prime viewing location, this is a great way for all girls to learn about eclipses and earn our Solar Eclipse patch!
  • Looking for other fun activities? Use the official Girl Scouts Solar Eclipse Activity Guide full of great activities for every grade level!

In addition, Girl Scouts is celebrating the solar eclipse with patches and kits to help you safely view and locate the eclipse– get eclipsed!

Don’t miss out on your Great American Eclipse 2017 patch by ordering today! You can place your order online or email with the quantity, customer name, and shipping address.

Happy viewing, Girl Scouts!


Top 10 Girl Scout Gifts For the Holidays

December 7, 2015

Girl Scout Holiday Gifts

By Ashley Winton, Social Media & Marketing Intern

The holidays are upon us Girl Scouts! If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for the girl in your life – this is the place! We’ve prepared the PERFECT gift guide with all your favorite Girl Scout items, plus a few holiday favorites.

While many of our gifts are available to order through the online shop, you can also purchase them at one of our four shop locations or place your order via phone by calling 1-800-284-4475.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Girl Scout Holiday Gifts for 2015!

1. Girl Scout Cookie Oven, $59.99

Visions of cookies dancing in your girl’s head? Our Girl Scout Cookie Oven is a great gift for your baking girl and gives you access to some of your favorite cookies all year long!

Girl Scout Cookie Oven

2. Barbie Loves Girl Scouts Barbie Dolls, $14.99

These Limited Edition Barbie Dolls include a Girl Scout-inspired outfit with plenty of Barbie signature style. Accessories include a Girl Scout sash with insignia and badges, charming green Girl Scout beret, mini boxes of everyone’s favorite cookies, and a handy bag imprinted with the 5 Girl Scout Cookie Skills. Girl Scout Barbie is a great way for play to inspire reality!

Girl Scout Barbie

3. Plush S’mores Snowman, $12.00

What’s better than eating a yummy s’more? Hugging one of course! This super soft s’mores snowman will hold your girl over until it’s time for Girl Scout Camp.

Girl Scout S'more Plush Snowman

4. Girl Scout Law Coin and Holder, $15.00 and $12.00

Do you have a collector on your hands? Then this is the gift for your Girl Scout! There is a special coin for each part of our treasured law. Collect all 10 and show them off using our Girl Scout Coin Holder!

Girl Scout Gift Coins and Holder

5. Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines Knit Poof Hats, $14.00, In-Store Only

Brrr, it’s getting cold! Keep your girls extra warm and cozy with the Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines Knit Poof Hats! Super cute and a great way for her to show off her Girl Scout style! This item is only available for purchase in our council shops or over the phone.  

NCCP Knit Hats

6. Tech Touch Knit Gloves , $13.00

Is your STEM girl struggling to use her gadget outside in the cold? These savvy gloves are the perfect solution! The fingertips are tech-sensitive, so she can keep them on while interacting on a phone or tablet. What a great way to stay warm and connected…especially during the upcoming Cookie Sale!

Tech Touch Knit Gloves

7. Original Girl Scout Pride Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $16.50-$18.50, In-Store Only

This adorable t-shirt comes in sizes Youth Med-Adult 4x, so you and your girl can represent Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines together! Offered in four awesome colors, you might just have to buy them all! In-store orders can be placed at our council shops and by phone.

GS T-shirt

8. Bear Shaped Earrings, $10.00

These sweet gummy bear earrings will be an adorable addition to your fashionista’s jewelry collection! You can find these and more jewelry options online.  She will be simply styling when she goes back to school after the holidays!

GS Gummy Bear Earrings

9. 2016 Cookie Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $16.50-$18.50, In-Store Only

Dream Design Do, Girl Scouts! The 2016 Cookie T-Shirt will inspire your girl and everyone around her when she wears it during the Cookie Sale! Available in sizes Youth Medium- Adult 4x. In-store items can be purchased at our council shops or by phone.

GS Cookie T-Shirt

10. Girl Scouts Gift Cards, Any Amount!

Can’t decide on just one thing? That’s okay, neither can we– that’s why our Gift Cards can save the day! Let her explore all things Girl Scouts in one of four shop locations…we are sure that she will find so many things that she’ll LOVE!

Happy holidays and happy shopping, Girl Scouts!  

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