Unplug the Girl Scout Way

Hey, Girl Scouts! Digital fatigue getting you down? With school and so many activities going virtual, we know it can be easy to crave some adventure and inspiration… away from the screen! At Girl Scouts, we support all things digital (we have the studies to prove it), but we know that happy and healthy girls need to exercise their creativity and flex their social skills in different ways as well.

See below for 5 ways you can unplug, refresh, and stay active the Girl Scout way!

  1. Work towards your grade level Outdoor Art badge

These badges combine two of our favorite things: getting outside and being crafty! Activities include things like learning the 7 Leave No Trace Principles, creating leaf rubbings, building an outdoor sculpture, and more. Print out our Girl Scouting at Home guide to get started!

2. Write a pen pal

Ask your parents to help you find a pen pal and then exchange letters with them to make a new friend! This is an awesome way to learn about someone new during a time when there are less opportunities to meet friends in person. Check out some ways to find a Girl Scout/Girl Guide pen pal here.

3. Create a vision board

Our Girl Scouts dream BIG! Start putting your goals into action by creating a vision board. A vision board has pictures, quotes, and anything else you can think of to remind you to keep chasing your dreams. Get inspired by the Cadette Financing My Dreams badge.

4. Learn how to sew, crochet, or knit

Pick up an instructional book and some thread or yarn and learn to make your own clothes or decorations. This is a great hobby because it’s resourceful and you can work on your latest project during breaks from school. We even have this Learn to Sew Kit on sale!

5. Create a cookbook with help from family and friends

Does your grandmother make the best chicken soup? Or does your friend’s dad have the best mac and cheese recipe? Reach out to family and friends for instructions to make their signature dishes and put them together in a cookbook scrapbook! Then get cooking, Girl Scout! Learn about some of our Cooking badges here.

Have more ideas for unplugging during this time? Leave them in the comments below, or send us a picture through our Girl Scout Story form.

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