2020 High Achievers Club

Our Girl Scouts did amazing things during the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Every Girl Scout that participated contributed to the largest girl-led business in the world, and we couldn’t be prouder. Over 11,000 Girl Scouts within our council participated this year, and together we sold over 3 million boxes of cookies… WOW! Our council-wide average number of boxes sold per girl was 282, and the national average number of boxes sold by each Girl Scout was around 165.

The overall council top sellers were Chloe H., Allison B. and Taryn B. Chloe placed first by selling 5,005 boxes, Allison placed second with 4,826 boxes, and Taryn placed third by selling 4,600 boxes.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is about so much more than selling cookies, it is about building skills to last a lifetime. The 5 Key Skills taught through the cookie program are: Goal SettingDecision MakingMoney ManagementPeople Skills, and Business Ethics.

Each year, we recognize a group of Girl Scouts that have mastered these skills like no other called the High Achievers Club. Only Girl Scouts who have sold 5,000 boxes of cookies or more since participating in their first cookie program join the ranks of the club.

Members receive an engraved plaque, special cookie business cards, and a personalized letter of recommendation from our very own CEO, Lisa Jones.

See below for our updated High Achievers Club, and a HUGE CONGRATS to our newest members!


Girl NameTroop #Total Sales
Abby Natalyn J.35565,179
Destiny W.141811,298
Jalyn O.141815,188
Elizabeth W. 302115,193


Cynthia C.42585,909
Ashlyn K.14010,017
Summer G.425710,164


Kacy H.100010,023
Maggie H.100010,068


Kameron G.545,516


Alissa S.15365,481


Victoria D.14365,095
Justine J.10445,110
Myra D.15885,167
Araya M.16425,246
Toria C.18045,353
Carlee B. 14935,390
Melanie L.38885,399
Leanilda Leilar T.14935,537
Maranda M.26915,073
Emily G.152421,178
Ruth L.174527,470


Diana Evans8105,426
Kathryn Lyons162115,004


Abigail J. 48685,507
Karmyn Da’Nyvia O.17835,749
Armani S.17835,875
Emerson H. 566,104
Zabrea M. 17838,227
Ella H.5610,914
Taryn B.35820,164


Campbell B.19025,135
Emily S. 10875,758


Mahalia W. 13735,301
Brianna S.3945,404
Reagan P.117210,138


Peyton P.29505,081


Kiersten C.32495,096
Tori J. 6115,437
Rylie A.5785,647
Daniella M.48356,731
Ashley Z.57815,475

New Hanover

Emma W.19215,334
Skyla H.42035,576
Madeline Fischer28527,420

Onslow – Jacksonville

Savanna J.1025,016
Allee R. 2055,359
Madelynn S.925,602
Natalie B. 446211,429
Allison B.10217,439


Kaylee F. 12745,031
Takia N.12745,168
Sarah Ellie P.127410,411


Victoria H.1475,323
Patricia P.14710,358


Madison W. 30035,553
Jordan M.8765,605
Bailey W.174815,361


Kaley J.11865,841


Rebekah B.40215,067


Caycee B.7475,293
Madison W.17236,612


Genevieve P.33065,005
Alexis B.3385,009
Ashani A. 46065,027
Lilly O. 25845,142
Isla H. 14305,143
Reagan H. 15555,165
Erin W.45875,180
Jordan O. 11835,181
Aleah M.5215,257
Mary Hollis T. 3204/70005,288
Lucy O.33115,293
Jordan B. 10755,331
Samantha B.31125,375
Suzi D. 14305,412
Grace B.12415,437
Dayla W.5215,719
Kylee B. 45875,936
Sophia O.3146,012
Jahnvi P.36186,022
Hannah Y. 4576,147
Gracie P.11836,162
Mackenzie B.1336,738
Chloe H.195810,546


Hayden G.2495,617
Kierra N. 955,719
Hannah D. 3186,021
Sydney B. 110,285
Molly W.193613,657


Alyssa R.9025,066

Thank you to all of the girls that participated in this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program! Learn more about Girl Scout Cookies and rewards and recognitions on our website!

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