Finding Her Leadership Style with Girl Scouts

Trying to develop a leadership style can be challenging for any young person, but young girls often face additional barriers being called “bossy” while boys are seen as “natural leaders”. To help break down this stereotype and help girls become the best leader possible, Girl Scouts provide girls an opportunity to discover their leadership and build skills in a safe, judgement free space.

One of the best parts of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is that there is no cookie-cutter model. We believe that ALL girls have the ability to become leaders in their communities and beyond in their own way. Girl Scouts helps girls determine how their skills translate into leadership and when their leadership style works best.


When people think of the word leader, they often think of the person who is vocal, decisive, and easily takes charge. These are all awesome qualities in a leader and in situations like an emergency where decisions need to be made quickly is very important. For the outspoken girl this might be her style and other will look to her when big decisions need to be made.

Less thought of, but equally important, are the quiet, thoughtful leaders. Their leadership can be especially important in long-term planning. The girls who appear to be shy are often just observing the group and have probably already discovered what everyone’s strength and weakness are and can easily delegate important tasks, creating the ultimate team.

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Leadership can mean something different to every Girl Scout, and by participating in awesome opportunities like camp, badge work, the Girl Scout Highest Awards, and more, girls are able to take charge in their growth and become their best selves through Girl Scouts.

Learn more about how Girl Scouts can discover their leadership style and the opportunities available to them by visiting

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