Winter Wonderland Activities

5 Things to do This Winter When the Weather Gets Colder

Winter is almost here Girl Scouts, and the fun is just getting started! Girl Scouts are always looking for ways to learn and grow, and their inquisitive nature can’t be stopped by a little cold weather. So, we have tons of awesome options to explore during the chilliest time of the year – whether you want to stay indoors by the warmth of the fire, or brave the cold of the outdoors. Check out our ideas here!

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1. Let it “Snow”

Winter is beautiful – but who wants to wait for snow to happen? Bring the snow to you and create a winter wonderland in your very own living room! All you need is some paper, scissors, and then markers and glitter glue for decorating. See how many different patterns and sizes you can make – after all, every snow flake is unique!

2. Host a Girl Scout Troop Winter Olympics

Faster, higher, stronger! Get outdoors and host your very own Winter Olympics with your troop! Head out and set up fun events like the 100-meter dash and the long jump, or do some ice skating at your local ice rink. You could even make up your own categories and games based on what your troop enjoys. So, get warmed up, and go have some fun, Girl Scouts!

3. Wintertime Reading

There’s tons of great books about winter! Visit your local library and stock up some stories to read by the fire (with a cup of hot chocolate, of course). Read all about what our furry friends do when it gets chilly out, or dive into a winter adventure from a magical world. There’s all kinds of fun things to learn about most wonderful time of the year!

4. Lend a Helping Hand

Wintertime is a great opportunity to lend a helping hand to others and bring smiles all around! Try making pick-me-up packages for people in your community, making simple bird feeders, or volunteering at your local food shelter. There’s tons of options to think about, so get together with your troop and see what ideas sound like the most fun for all of you!

5. Ice Science

Make use of those freezing temperatures (or use a freezer) and explore the science of ice! Blow bubbles when it’s cold out and watch them freeze before they pop. Freeze balloons filled with food coloring and water and open them up to learn about the patterns of how ice forms. If you really want to get creative, explore what happens when you put your ice balloon in a bucket of water – or try adding sugar or salt to your balloons before freezing them!

What exciting things will you decide to do with your troop this winter season, Girl Scouts? Send us your stories about all the wonderful things you get up to – we’d love to hear from you!

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