STEM in the Great Outdoors!

Spring is here, Girl Scouts, and we cannot stop thinking about all the adventures waiting for us outside! Girl Scouts are inquisitive, always pushing boundaries and learning about the world around them through experimentation – both in the classroom and outdoors. So, we’re unleashing STEM into the wilderness – and we’re challenging you to find it, Girl Scouts! Here’s some fun ways to get started by putting your own backyard under the microscope!


  1. Engineering Explorers

Innovation is at the heart of being a Girl Scout – and girls can test their creative thinking and problem solving skills anywhere! Gather all of the sticks, twigs, and branches in your area, Girl Scouts, and build a maze with your friends. Use trial and error to see how big your mazes should be, and what challenges you can make with only a few branches! Even more fun? Try having one person close their eyes while the rest of the troop helps them to navigate the maze without bumping a stick using only their voices!


2. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

There’s so much to explore in nature – join your troop in the great outdoors and host a scavenger hunt for all the plants, animals, and insects you can find at your local park! Afterwards, talk with your troop about the wildlife you discovered and how they impact your food chain!


3. Shadow Tracking

All you need for this outdoor STEM experiment is some chalk, a friend, and a sunny day, Girl Scouts! Choose a sunny spot on the sidewalk and have your friend mark how “tall” your shadow is – then spend an hour exploring the wonders of the great outdoors. When you come back, be sure to stand in the same spot you did originally and mark where your shadow is again. Do this as many times as you’d like throughout the day, and discuss why our shadows change throughout the day!


4. Sink or Float

What makes some objects sink and some float? Grab a bucket and fill it up with water, Girl Scouts – then head to the great outdoors to gather some sample materials, like rocks, pinecones, leaves, twigs and more! Drop them into the water and see if you notice any patterns – talk about what you think made some objects float while others sank!

Keep your STEM and Outdoor adventures going by participating in our new journeys and badges! Learn all about the Solar System and our place in it with our new Space Science badge,  take on the challenge to minimize our ecological impact with the Environmental Stewardship badge, and more. Check out all our new opportunities on our website!

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