Celebrating Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath: A Simple Checklist to Getting Started


Wondering how to get started planning your troop’s Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath after reading last week’s blog? We are here to help!

There is no one way to celebrate Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath.  What works best for your troop(s) or the place of worship where you meet is what drives the celebration. The purpose of this special day is to emphasize the importance of the Girl Scout Promise – “On my honor, I will try to serve God,” and to reflect upon the meaning of the words, “to serve God.” This list is a checklist and your troop is encouraged to do whatever steps and parts speak to them. 

  1. Learn if there are other Girl Scout troops meeting at the same location as you. There is strength in numbers, plus the opportunity to share in the planning with other families and volunteers! If you’re not sure, contact your Membership Director, and she can put all the troop co-leaders at a single meeting location in touch with one another.
  2. Ask for help. Consider asking a troop parent who is a member of the church or one who wants to volunteer but has limited time if they would take the lead in organizing Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath!
  3. Be prepared. Coordinate a date and time with the faith partner at least three weeks in advance.
  4.  Spread the word. Ask the faith partner to share on their own social media pages or congregation newsletters; offer to stuff church bulletins with a special insert (provided by your Membership Director),or ask to hang posters in the fellowship hall/bulletin board/classrooms.
  5.  Feed the soul. Make sure that the girls participate in services in some way. Girls can be in the actual service like serving as an usher or collecting the offering while some faith partners have allowed the girls speak about their community service and successes or played a slideshow or short video during the service. Refer to last week’s blog for specific prayers and additional service information.
  6.  Honor the past and present. Make green ribbons and give them to Girl Scout alumnae before the service or ask members who were Girl Scouts to stand. Present any special recognitions or religious awards.
  7. Feed the body. Set up a cookie booth after the service (with permission!) and offer lemonade or green punch, or if you have time, ask members of the congregation or the girls and their families to make desserts featuring Girl Scout cookies and give out samples!
  8. Serve. Conduct a service project that day and invite the entire congregation to participate. Be sure that it directly benefits the place of worship. Simple examples are conducting a food drive for their pantry; planting flowers or a landscaping project; or offering childcare services.

It’s all in the details! Here are a few tips to remember to make the day successful for everyone:
• Make sure that everyone knows the time commitment beforehand, especially if you are doing a service project or attending multiple services.
• Decide if the girls will wear their uniforms and if they will sit together, or with their families.
• Bring tables and tablecloths if necessary; think about how you’re serving the food.
• Contact your membership director to ask for giveaways, signs, and information about joining Girl Scouts, whether it’s your troop, another troop or starting a new one! Girls can earn the Girl Champion 2018-19 patch for collecting interest cards!
• Showcase your accomplishments as a troop, through the slideshow, a video, a newsletter or a table top display.
• Remember to send a thank you note to the faith partner and to share photos with them and our weekly volunteer newsletter (if parents give permission).
• Girl Scouts is girl-led so be sure to get input from the troop, from the refreshments to choosing a prayer to making a display!

Scout sunday.PNG

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