May Commemorative Celebrations

By: Tara Rappleye, Program Director

April showers bring May flowers and new commemorative celebrations! Of course, in May we will be celebrating all the beautiful May flowers with Flower Month. Troops can also celebration National Bike Month, Drawing Day, and Pick Strawberries Day in May. Read about these celebrate these fun commemorative celebrations below:

Flower Month

It is time to celebrate those beautiful little pieces of nature popping out of the ground everywhere. Springtime in North Carolina means there are plenty of interesting flowers to look at, pick, and plant. Celebrate nature’s colorful gifts us this through these activities:

  • Go on a Flower Hunt – You can find flowers all over your hometown: in your neighbor’s garden, in a community garden, and at education centers like an arboretum. Make it a priority in May to stop and smell the roses. There are so many pretty and playful flowers to learn about!
  • Naturalist Badges – For Girl Scout Juniors, May is the perfect time to earn the Flowers badge in the Naturalist badge series. For other Girl Scout levels, May is also a great time to earn their Naturalist badge because gardens are growing and it is a great time to be outside learning about bugs, water, trees, and the sky.
  • Floral Class – Floral design is very popular right now. Connect with a local florist to teach your troop how to make beautiful floral bouquets and wreathes. This is a great way to try a new hobby and skill!
  • Give Out F lowers – Purchase some single stem flowers and give them out in your community. Who wouldn’t love receiving a delightful daisy or cute carnation from a Girl Scout? Spread a little sunshine in May with this random act of kindness.

National Bike Month

Biking is a great leisurely exercise to do as a troop or family. It gets you moving and keeps you healthy, but it also allows you to explore a new park, city, or trail. Grab your gear and get biking.

  • Plan a Bike Ride – Coordinate a Girl Scout family outing for your troop. Pick a date, time, and location to bike together. Find a cool local trail or park to explore. This is a great way to get outside and learn more about your fellow Girl Scout parents and siblings!
  • Visit a Bike Shop – Every town as local bike shop that sells and fixes bikes. Setup a visit to learn more about different bike types and styles. Have them teach you the basics of fixing your bike so next time you are on the trail and your chain falls off you will be able to fix the bike yourself!

Drawing Day

Drawing isn’t only a creative outlet, but it can also be a wonderful way to reduce stress and relax. Drawing Day is May 16 so make sure you’ve got your paper ready and penciled sharped, because it’s time to draw!

  • Artist Badge Series – Girl Scouts are artists! There is a whole series of Artist badges to earn from drawing to collage, to painting. May is a great time to earn one of the Artist badges and be creative.
  • Troop Color Time – It doesn’t matter the age- coloring is fun for EVERYONE! Bring out the crayons, pencils, and paper at your next troop meeting and get creative. Give your girls the opportunity to do a relaxing activity and get creative.

Pick Strawberries Day

May 20 is a good day, its Pick Strawberries Day! Who doesn’t love some fresh picked North Carolina strawberries? Do you have your bucket ready? Because it’s time to pick!

  • Pick Strawberries – It is pretty easy to celebrate this day, just get in the car, grab a bucket and start picking. Picking strawberries is a great troop outing; girls can get outside and enjoy the fresh air and pick some tasty and healthy fruit.
  • Learn About Growing Fruit – Visit a farm, berry patch, or farmers market to learn more about where your local fruits and veggies come from. Get the dirty details on the best time to plant, where to plant, and what to plant.

Stay tuned for commemorative celebrations in June!

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